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Yasar University

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

“The department for architects who specialise in the details of interior space design...”

Our students are trained as experienced interior architects, who design interior spaces by applying artistic dimensions and featuring creative, original furniture designs. They match the specifications of the user with functionality, aesthetics and technical information. In addition through the use of modern materials, they become knowledgeable about material and colour selection, and are able to use advanced presentation techniques in the application of their designs.


The students are provided with a high level of education using well equipped classrooms, laboratories and design studios for theoretical and practical classes. Tuition is given in English.


Graduates may be self-employed and run their own businesses. They may also work as designers or manufacturing specialists in architectural teams in the public and private sectors.


Students on the programme are presented with exceptional opportunities and follow such courses as Basic Design, Graphic Communication, Interior Project, Building Information, Materials, Furniture Design and Computer Aided Design. 

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