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    UK universities for medicine Four top options outside Oxbridge

  • Three reasons Berlin is a great student city

    Berlin Three reasons why it's a great choice

  • Getting in to Law

    Law How to get in

  • Where to get a good deal on flights

    Flights Where to find the best deals

  • Four reasons you should study abroad

    Why study abroad? Four key reasons

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    Learning English Could these three apps help?

  • Online or on-campus?

    Online or On-Campus Which to choose?

  • Our European city picks for study abroad

    European cities Our picks for international students

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Distance Learning: Is it right for me?

As the global coronavirus crisis continues and more universities explore the viability of remote teaching, students around the world are facing the prospect of a total structural overhaul of their studies when they resume...

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Real Writers with Creative Writing Degrees

For a writer who would like to make a living as an author, there are as many paths to success as there are to failure. Many authors will confirm they completed several projects before they found publishing success, but a...

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Study Business in Spain

SPAIN may be overshadowed by its European neighbours in world university rankings - but focus on business and suddenly its dominance becomes clear. Which country has more business schools in the European top 10 than...

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Why emlyon Business School is a great place to study

EMLYON Business School is a leading French institution based in Lyon, founded in 1872 by the local business community. Nowadays, it has an impressive five additional international campuses in Saint-Etienne, Shanghai, Casablanca,...

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Why Istanbul Bilgi University is a great place to...

Taking its name bilgi from the Turkish word for knowledge, Istanbul Bilgi University is a modern institution with four campuses spread out across the city. Specialising in arts, business, and economics courses, the...

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The 10 Best Christmas markets in the UK

Christmas is a lovely time of year across a lot of the world and the UK is no exception. Here is a list of the best Christmas markets in the UK, they’re great for getting quirky homemade gifts, cosy hot chocolate,...

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Student Life


9 Better Ways to Learn a Foreign Language

  Whether you’re an avid traveller, you need a professional upper-hand or are just looking to take up a new hobby, learning (at least) one foreign language is undoubtedly an asset. However, many students are...

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The top three destinations for international students...

IF you're thinking about the end of exams and all the free time you're likely to have over the summer, but perhaps haven't decided what to do with it, why not consider travelling in Europe?  We list our...

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5 Must-See Films That Explain Canada to International...

MUCH of Canada’s presence in the cinematic industry is due to American studios filming in Canadian locations. The beautiful vistas make Canada an ideal locale for movies such as The Incredible Hulk (set in NYC, shot...

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London university offering scholarships to international...

ONE of London's universities is offering scholarships which are specifically aimed at international students and what they can offer.  Continue reading below for more information...  Applications...

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Art Fellowships For South Asian Students in the UK

ARTISTS and museum curators don't usually get showered with funding, which is why the Charles Wallace Trusts are so special. Every year, they help doctoral students and professionals from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh...

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6 Great Scholarships for Indonesian Students

WITH the fourth largest education system in the world, Indonesia has a tough job supporting all its students. Many are looking overseas for that next step in their education. If you are too, here are six scholarships that...

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5 Steps Any Student Can Use To Master Their Personal...

  Graduates preparing to take the leap into employment face tough competition, and it’s imperative to make an outstanding case for yourself with every job application. That being said, good personal branding...

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6 Ways to Improve Your CV Before You Get to University

As competition for spots at university and jobs in the workplace increases, good grades are just not enough anymore. Like employers, university admissions officers like to see a candidate with experience on their CV. While...

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Don't Want to be a Doc? 15 Other Jobs You Can Do with...

DID your parents make you study medicine even though you can't stand the sight of blood? Are you half-way through your medical degree and wondering why you ever dreamed of being a doctor? Or maybe you've graduated...

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