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Yasar University

Business Administration

“The department for managers looking to produce quality work, effectively and efficiently...”

The students of the Department of Business Administration develop their analytical thinking and problem solving skills, while studying courses in business planning, international marketing, corporate governance design and strategic management. Opportunities to gain international experience are also offered to students through EU lifelong learning, Erasmus student exchange programmes and EU projects.


The Department of Business Administration has agreements to actively send and receive students from 41 universities in 20 European countries.

The department also helps its students to make the best start in their professional careers by providing them with computing facilities and supporting technology, small classes and an English learning environment.


The recent rapid changes, both in the global economy and in the field of technology, have accelerated the pace of international business. This has placed a demand on today's professionals, that in order to be successful, they should be able to take decisions swiftly, solve problems and think analytically.

Graduates of this department are well equipped to find work in private sector institutions, such as banks, consultancy companies, auditing companies, as well as in international trading companies. In addition, graduates are also qualified to work in Government Ministries and institutions, such as the Central Bank, Foreign Trade, and the Treasury.


Courses offered include Finance, Human Resources, Business Administration, Macro-Micro Economy, Accounting, and Marketing, and equip students with those skills needed to differentiate the successful individual entrepreneur. 


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