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Yasar University

Industrial Design

“The department for designers who vitalize authentic products with their creative ideas...”

The Department of Industrial Design trains students to be able to create original designs that are both authentic and distinctive in their specialised area
of interest. Students are guided towards their future career in the industrial design sector, having learned to incorporate creativity into their designs, as well as acquiring problem-solving and analytical-thinking skills necessary for the workplace.


The quality facilities provided in the university help students reach their full potential. The design laboratories and classrooms are supported with computers and IT infrastructure. Other studios provide traditional facilities for technical and hand drawing. Opportunities are given for students to learn English. In addition a mentoring programme with experienced trainers help students gain work experience.


Graduates can work in the design, production, sales and management departments of private, public and commercial institutions. They will be involved in the mass production of industrial products that are used in everyday life. Graduates may also establish their own design studios and produce designs for companies operating in a range of sectors in the international arena. They may also work as consultants or in universities as academics.

Production of industrial goods include

• Electrical and electronic equipment 
• Whitegoods
• Transportationvehicles
• Furniture
• Sector specific (lighting units accessories - souvenirs, ceramics, jewellery, bathroom-kitchen ranges, toys and stationery)


General courses are offered in art, design, and creativity. In addition there are specilized courses which develop the computer-based, design production ability of students in specific areas. Also offered are a further range of specific practical class options, which students choose according to their interests.


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