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Yasar University

Graphic Design

"The department
for design artists transforming thoughts into quality visual graphics...”

The Department of Graphic Design offers students an education in graphic design, which is primarily based on art and design work. It focuses on training students

and giving them the experience to be able to apply strong design principles
to their work, in line with national
and international forums. It develops students' skills in project implementation, enables them to nurture their creativity, and encourages them to combine an understanding of aesthetics with their knowledge learned.


Classrooms, graphic studios, and specially designed study rooms are all equipped with advanced technology (hardware and software) to support students in reaching their full potential in creativity and design at an international level. The Graphic Design Department is unique in being the only such programme to offer hands-on experience of the Maxon Cinema 4d three

dimensional design software, which is widely used by the advertising and graphic design sector. Students are also able to share their knowledge and advertising design experience through the YasĖ§ar Agency.


Graphic designers, who have graduated from the Department of Graphic
Design, can find work as web designers, illustration experts, multimedia operators, creative directors or animation designers at advertising agencies, media organisations and at the advertising departments of companies and institutions.


Art based courses such as Art Theory, Basic Photography, Typography, Design, Graphic Design, Three Dimensional Design, Lithography, and Multimedia Projects are all offered to students studying on the programme.


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