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Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Business Administration | Business Administration (BİLGİ-University of Liverpool / Dual Degree) | Business Informatics | International Finance | International Trade and Business | Business-Economics | Business-Economics (BİLGİ-University of Liverpool / Dual Degree) | Economics | Economics and Finance (Honors) | Economics and Management (Honors) | European Union Studies | Marketing | International Relations | Political Science | Political Science (BİLGİ-University of Liverpool / Dual Degree)

The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences is the largest faculty at İstanbul Bilgi University: the number of registered students is about 3,000 and the number of alumni is around 5,000. The foremost goal of the faculty is to provide its students with solid professional education and rich basic cultural education, enable them with the expertise to blend theory and practice in various work environments. The faculty, where student participation is greatly valued, rallies a broad academic perspective with an interdisciplinary approach and top class education with a vibrant academic and campus life. Input and feedback from students is strongly encouraged; their academic productivity during and after their student life is generously supported. 

The BİLGİ-University of Liverpool Dual Degree programs in Business Administration and Business-Economics prepare students for global competition as the BİLGİ-University of London (LSE) Honors Programs in Economics- Management and Economics-Finance establish firm educational grounds for professional life.


Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Comparative Literature | History | Mathematics | Music | Psychology | Psychology (BİLGİ-University of Liverpool / Dual Degree) | Sociology

Founded in 1996, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences has a faculty of leading and renowned academics. The teaching staff, composed of Turkish and foreign professors, is renowned nationally and internationally for its contributions to the various fields of study and for its devotion to teaching. The 8 programs of the faculty share the creative tension between the rooted traditions and modern approaches of the arts and sciences with its students. With this quality, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences creates a medium of ‘learning together’. All of the programs provide students with the expertise of their relevant field as well as critical thinking that enables the grasp of local and global developments of today’s complex and risky world. All graduates gain the capability to reach sound and solid information swiftly and adapt their learning to unstable circumstances successfully.


The Faculty of Engineering

Civil Engineering | Computer Engineering | Computer Engineering (BİLGİ-University of Liverpool / Dual Degree) | Electrical and Electronics Engineering | Electrical and Electronics Engineering (BİLGİ-University of Liverpool / Dual Degree) | Energy Systems Engineering | Industrial Engineering | Genetics and Bioengineering | Mechanical Engineering

Founded in 2010, adopts a multidisciplinary approach with the support of the architecture, social sciences, humanities, arts and mathematics disciplines. The programs have major themes such as new technologies, energy, biological developments, environment and sustainability, besides the engineering and science foundation courses. Graduates of the faculty gain an ability to design a system, component or process to meet desired needs, be able to function on multidisciplinary teams, communicate effectively, have an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility, and understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global and societal context. Education is in small sized classrooms and labs which enable a friendly, personal environment and providing many opportunities for research and projects and fosters a lively atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork.

Through the Dual Degree options in Computer Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering, students gain international experience that prepares them for global careers.

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