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Cork Institute of Technology

 What Our Students Say

 “CIT’s hands-on approach to learning really gives you a practical insight into your degree, and the industry you are hoping to enter into”. – Crystal Anderson, USA – MA in Public Relations and New Media

“I love studying at CIT because the program and class sizes are fantastic. The professors have a genuine passion to teach and help you succeed” – Logan Kelly, USA - BEng Hons in Chemical & Biopharmaceutical Engineering Year 2

“I have become more knowledgeable and open-minded due to this  experience, and have made memories that will last me a lifetime”. –  Madison Ward, USA – MSc in International Business 

“Working in Industry has been an amazing learning experience on what to expect in my future career” Laura RebouŅ«as, Brazil – SWB

“I enjoyed studying at CIT in the Architecture Factory because the design of the school and knowledge of my professors allowed me to advance myself and my studies knowing that I had the support of the college behind me” – Joel Foster, Canada – Architecture Design

“Cork is an enriching study destination for art” – Hallie Morrison, USA – MA in Art & Process

“The allure of staying in the historic city of Cork which boasts of a liberal multi-cultural atmosphere along with the genuinely student centric and friendly support offered by everyone at CIT further enhances the charm of studying here” – Vaibhav Savant, India – PhD

“Cork Institute of Technology is one of the top places to study Mechanical Engineering in Europe. It is the best decision I have ever made. You get great hand on experience, the learning approach in CIT is applied, the workshops and practical focus of the course you opportunity to participate in the design phase of my field. The future of Mechanical Engineering is in design and application and CIT really helps you think outside the box. My classmates in CIT are very helpful and inclusive. Ireland is a great place for students, there is a great atmosphere and everyone is very friendly.” – Vishal Menon, India – MEng Mechanical Engineering

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