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Cork Institute of Technology

BSc (Honours) Software Development and Computer Networking

BSc (Honours) Software Development and Computer Networking

About the Programme

One of the benefits of this degree is that it has a broad range of modules. The main focus of the degree is programming, so you will learn languages such as Python, Java, C, JavaScript and PHP. You will also learn about databases (where and how data is stored), operating systems, object-oriented programming, application development, software testing and many more topics.

It teaches students to take a concept for an application from a drawing to a fully functioning application. Elective modules throughout the programme allow the student to specialise in particular areas of their choice e.g. mobile applications, web development, and web security. You will complete projects on your own and in groups throughout the degree, which will prepare you for working in industry.

In addition to pure computing modules, CIT includes communication and management modules to develop other skills that will be useful for a career in computing.

Work Placement

In Year 3, students are in industry for five months. The placement runs from April to August inclusive. Placements for students are organised on a country-wide basis with a particular focus on Cork and Dublin. Students have been placed in France, Germany, Sweden and the USA.

Further Studies

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Graduates with honours degrees of suitable grades are eligible to apply for postgraduate research degrees at Masters (MSc) or Doctoral (PhD) level where further specialisation in your preferred area of computing is possible.

Question Time

What makes CR 106 different from the other Computing Honours Degrees at CIT?
The focus is on acquiring the skills and knowledge required to become a software developer.

Is there a scholarship available for the programme?
Yes, registered students who successfully complete Year 1 of this programme may apply for the Alejandro de la Flor Memorial Scholarship which is funded by Intel Security Intel Security delivers proactive and proven security solutions and services for systems, networks, and mobile devices around the world.

What level of Programming is contained in the programme?
Programming is seen as a core module in all semesters of the Degree. The students develop applications using a range of languages such as Java, C, PHP, and Python. They develop applications for the desktop, the web and for mobile devices. The key goal is to bring the student to a level where they are familiar with the tools and work practices used within the software industry today.

Can I design and develop websites from this programme?
Several modules are included in the Honours Degree which focus specifically on building websites. Other specialised modules are available as electives.

Will I be designing Apps?
Two modules are available specific to developing applications for the Android Platform. In the past few years, many students have chosen to write mobile apps for their final year project.

Can I go on to specialise in Cloud Computing?
Yes, having graduated with a BSc (Honours) in Software Development, it is possible to apply for entry to the taught MSc in Cloud Computing.

Can I work in the Games Development Industry with this programme?
Yes, the games industry requires interdisciplinary teams when developing new products. A graduate with good software development skills and in particular, programming skills would be a major asset to such a team.

Graduate Profile





Garry Bennett
Senior Project Manager

“My first employment was with Yahoo! as a Junior Developer and within one year, I was promoted to Senior Developer. Another year on, I was promoted to Engineering Manager for the Travel and Autos categories. After four years with Yahoo!, I moved to Sydney and worked as a Project Manager with a leading web development company – SydneyWeb. Due to my experience, I was entrusted with some of its largest and more complex projects which I found very rewarding. I returned to Ireland in December 2007 and launched Both my degree and practical experience aided the development and the launch of the website. Several years later, I currently manage all aspects of many complex and diverse software projects at Murrion Software.”

At the 12th Annual Genesis Enterprise Course (GEP) Awards & Showcase, Garry won the Business Development Achievement Award.

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