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Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering - Undergraduate

Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering (Undergraduate) at Loughborough University

You will be taught via a combination of lectures, tutorials, laboratory experiments and practical engineering exercises.

The courses are taught in a modular format with typically eight modules running concurrently and approximately two contact hours per module per week. Contact hours are approximately 18-21 hours per week during non-project based semesters. You will be assigned a personal tutor who will provide advice and help you to choose your subject options.

You will work on tutorial questions in your own time. These are designed to reinforce and develop understanding of material covered in lectures. Tutorial sessions give you the opportunity to sort out any problems with particular questions and clarify points you may not have understood during lectures. Group and individual project work form an important part of your course and will help you develop vital project management and communication skills for your future career.

Lab sessions are also very important as they help you reinforce concepts and give you practical understanding. In depth research and development projects are undertaken in the final years of the BEng and MEng.

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