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Bishop Grosseteste University

BA (Hons) English Literature

BA (Hons) English Literature

Studying English gives you access to the intense power of human creativity and literary expression. Explore the richness and diversity of literary history; develop your understanding of key genres, styles and contexts; and debate those critical questions that continue to shape the investigation of literature. 

Our course introduces you to an exciting and diverse range of topics and texts taught by a team of research-active lecturers who are passionate about the study of literature and its positive impact upon the individual and wider society. You will experience works of every genre (prose, poetry, drama) from each of the key periods in the history of literature, encountering authors from Chaucer to Shakespeare, Blake to Tennyson, Woolf to Winterson, and Dickens to Blackman.

There are significant benefits to studying at an intimate University campus. English staff and students work together in a friendly and supportive learning community. Students know every member of staff personally and feel confident approaching them for help and advice. And staff members recognise every student, not just by sight and name but by personality and academic interests.

Possible future careers for English graduates may include:  

Creative & Professional writer
Civil Service

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