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Each year, the University of Lincoln awards a number of scholarships to academically gifted students from around the world. Depending on your academic ability, the intended programme of study and nationality, the level of scholarship can vary.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Global Undergraduate Scholarships

For the 2018/19 academic year, the University of Lincoln are delighted to offer Global Undergraduate Scholarships to the value of £2,000. This scholarship is available to qualifying international students entering into year one of an undergraduate degree course.

Undergraduate Top-up Scholarships

International Students who join a University of Lincoln undergraduate top-up course (direct entry to year 3) may be eligible for a £1,000 scholarship.

Santander International Scholarships

Santander International Scholarships support high-achieving students from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Ghana, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, and the USA.

Engineering Bursaries

Global industry leader Siemens offers a significant number of generous Bursaries to all full-time BEng and MEng Engineering applicants who make the University of Lincoln their first choice institution via UCAS.

Postgraduate Scholarships

Academic Excellence Scholarship

For High achieving students from China, India, Malaysia, Norway, Nigeria, Saudi, Thailand, and the United States. These scholarships are worth £5,000 and are specific to certain courses depending on home country.

Chevening Scholarships (external scholarships)

For all international students who show outstanding leadership potential. 

Commonwealth Scholarships (Commonwealth Scholarship Commission web site)

The University of Lincoln offers scholarships under the Commonwealth Scholarships Part-Funding Arrangement to qualifying Masters and PhD students.

Ghana Scholarships

For self-funding postgraduate taught students from Ghana. For 2017/18, the scholarship is valued at £5,000.

Global Postgraduate Scholarships

For self-funding international (non-UK/EU) students with overseas fee status applying for postgraduate programmes. Depending on nationality, the scholarship varies from £1,000 - £2,000. 

Goa Education Trust Scholarships

Available to all Indian Nationals interested in suitable Masters programmes within the UK . 

International Alumni Scholarship

For self-funding international (non-UK/EU) students who have previously completed an undergraduate, postgraduate taught or postgraduate research degree from the University of Lincoln.

Santander International Scholarships 

For high-achieving students from Spain, Latin America or North America in their first year of study. 

Top up to Masters Scholarships

For international fee-paying students who progress to a Masters degree after completing a Top Up Degree at the University of Lincoln (Top Up means direct entry into year three of a three-year degree). This scholarship is valued at £5,000.

University of Lincoln Court Postgraduate Bursary

A one-off payment of £3,000 to an exceptional student embarking on a postgraduate taught (PGT) course within any discipline of the 2015/2016 academic year.

Uruguay PhD Scholarship

This programme consists of full 3-year PhD scholarships for citizens of Uruguay, which cover University fees and a subsistent bursary (starting October 2016).

Vietnam Merit Scholarships

For self-funding postgraduate taught students from Vietnam. For 2017/18, the scholarship is valued at £5,000.


Please note that University of Lincoln International Scholarships may be subject to change. The University of Lincoln reserves the right to amend the above scholarship provision without notice.

As an international student, you may be eligible for additional grants, bursaries or scholarships. For further information, please visit the British Council’s Education UK website.


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