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International Tourism and Management BA (Hons)

International Tourism Management BA (Hons)

The BA (Hons) International Tourism Management degree at Lincoln is designed to provide an insight into the contemporary global tourism industry, including its impact, interdependencies and importance to the economy.

Tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing industries, it is worth billions to the global economy and can offer exciting career prospects. Our tourism courses provide the ideal preparation for a booming industry - they are ranked number 1 in the UK for learning resources, organisation and management, and student voice, second for academic support, assessment and feedback, and teaching, and third for learning community and learning opportunities according to the National Student Survey 2017.

This course provides the opportunity to investigate the issues and techniques relevant to the planning and management of international tourism. It is designed to enable students to build a knowledge base through tourism-specific and business-related modules, while optional modules allow students to shape their learning to their own interests and career aspirations.

There is an emphasis on developing the critical-thinking and organisational skills needed to run large-scale tourism operations.

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