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    UK universities for medicine

    Four top options outside Oxbridge
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    Three reasons why it's a great choice
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    How to get in
  • Where to get a good deal on flights


    Where to find the best deals
  • Four reasons you should study abroad

    Why study abroad?

    Four key reasons
  • Tech for English learning

    Learning English

    Could these three apps help?
  • Online or on-campus?

    Online or On-Campus

    Which to choose?
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    European cities

    Our picks for international students
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    Student Life

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Why Study in Edinburgh? It's 'Festival City'!

Why Study in Edinburgh? It's 'Festival City'!

EDINBURGH is home to the biggest festivals in the world and attract 4 million people each year. It's most famous for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival - quite commonly and affectionately referred to as simply the 'Fringe'...

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My Student City: Bristol, England

My Student City: Bristol, England

WANT to know why people study in Bristol, England? GranadaUsman Fiaz, from Lahore in Pakistan, is studying at the University of the West of England in Bristol, UK. We asked him why Bristol is a good student city. Usman...

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