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A level Sociology is ideal for students who appreciate an enthusiastic, knowledgeable debate on a wide range of social changes in contemporary society. This is a complex course that will help you understand and evaluate a number of theories and controversial ideas related to the pattern trends and social change in society. During your time on this course you will develop your understanding of British society in terms of contemporary culture and issues related to social divisions, attainment of power and control.

Learning core: 

AS Level

  • Unit 1- Acquiring Culture:
    • The core theme for this unit is socialisation and culture. Within these themes the focus is on how culture is transmitted, with an emphasis on sources of identity and the family.
  • Unit 2 -Understanding Culture:
    • Split between studying Education and Methods. Education looks at how the British education systems has evolved and issues related to achievement and factors that contribute such as class, gender and ethnicity. Research is central to the academic study of Sociology. Evidence collected from empirical research is a central component of all options and topics. This core theme aims to make the connection between all of the units through an understanding of the research methodology underpinning the elements of the course. Candidates should not only know what writers say but how they came to their conclusions.

A Level

  • Unit 3 – Understanding Power and Control:
    • The key theme to understanding in this unit is the nature of power and social control by examining crime and deviance. Candidates will be expected to build on the basic theoretical understandings acquired at AS Sociology in order to provide higher level discussion in their responses to questions of inequalities of power and control.
  • Unit 4 – Understanding Social Divisions:
    • There are two elements to this unit. The first element is a compulsory research methods assessment which is designed to build on the knowledge and understanding of research methodology acquired at AS. The focus at A2 is the application of this knowledge demonstrated in the ability to design a piece of research supported by methodologically sound evaluation and justification of the choices made. The second element relates to social inequality in the UK. This will demand extended writing and the ability to effectively demonstrate the higher order skills of analysis and evaluation and examine social divisions in the UK and the theoretical perspectives that examine the reasons for inequality.
  • Essential skills (embedded in main programme)
  • Weekly tutorials


  • Written examination

Entry requirements: 

  • Five GCSEs at grade C or above (may include 1 relevant equivalent) to include: – English Language or First Language Welsh, Maths and/or Science dependent upon the AS subjects chosen. Additionally, learners will be required to have a minimum GCSE grade B in the subject or related subject
  • Must include GCSE English Language grade B
  • Each application considered on individual merit
  • Entry is subject to interview


  • Laptop
  • ‘Sociology: Themes and Perspectives’, M Haralambos & M Holborn (7th Edition),  Student Handbook
  • “The Complete A-Z Sociology Handbook”, T Lawson and J Garrod, Hodder and Stoughton
  • WJEC/Eduquas, Sociology for AS/Year 1, Griffiths and McIntosh
  • WJEC/Eduquas, Sociology for A2/Year 2, Griffiths and McIntosh
  • Other general and specialist texts are available in the college library
  • Stationery approximately – £30  


  • Full-time – no course fees
  • For further information on grants and funds available – click here
  • Administration fee (full-time) – £20 per student per year
  • Transport fees for over 19’s – click here

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Minimum English language entry requirements: 

IELTS: 5.5 and above

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