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This course is ideal for logical thinkers who have a strong interest in how things work. You will develop a deeper understanding of physics and its applications from Newton to the present day. Basic principles introduced at GCSE level are looked at in greater detail giving you an insight into the controlling forces of the universe.

Complemented by subjects such as maths, chemistry and biology, this qualification is an essential requirement for physics and engineering university courses. For those going on to study other subjects, it is highly regarded by universities. It is also suitable for those who simply have a passion for the subject.

Learning core: 

AS Level

  • Unit 1: Motion, Energy and Matter
    • Force and motion
    • Solid materials
    • Astrophysics
    • Particle physics
  • Unit 2: Electricity and Light
    • Current electricity
    • Waves
    • The properties of light
    • Lasers
  • Practical skills
    • Candidates will be required to undertake practical work, collect and process data.

A2 Level

  • Unit 3: Oscillations and Nuclei
    • Circular motion
    • Vibrations
    • Thermal physics
    • Nuclear physics
  • Unit 4: Fields and Rotational Dynamics
    • Electric fields
    • Magnetic fields
    • Gravitational fields
    • The physics of sports
  • Unit 5: Practical examination
    • Candidates will be required to undertake practical work, collect and process data then use this to answer questions in a written test.
  • Essential skills (embedded in main programme)
  • Weekly tutorials


  • Written examination
  • Practical examination

Entry requirements: 

  • Five GCSEs at grade C or above (may include 1 relevant equivalent) to include: – English Language or First Language Welsh, Maths and/or Science dependent upon the AS subjects chosen. Additionally, learners will be required to have a minimum GCSE grade B in the subject or related subject
  • Must include GCSE Science grade BB or GCSE Physics grade B and GCSE Maths grade B
  • Each application considered on individual merit
  • Entry is subject to interview


  • Laptop
  • Students are required to buy their own copies of text books and a scientific calculator. Student handbooks (formulae books) are provided.
  • Graphics calculator (available for loan from the LRC)
  • Stationery approximately – £30


  • Full-time – no course fees
  • For further information on grants and funds available – click here
  • Administration fee (full-time) – £20 per student per year
  • Transport fees for over 19’s – click here

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Minimum English language entry requirements: 

IELTS: 5.5 and above

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