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Are you fascinated by the human brain? Do you want to study the intricacies of human behaviour and gain knowledge about cognitive and developmental psychology?

Throughout this course you will learn about a number of issues related to the mind, including, behavioural patterns and abnormalities focusing on the norm – but what is normal?

You will study scientific methods and renowned theories to help source answers and underpin the fundamentals of this subject. During your time on this course you will grow academically and develop transferable skills, which can be used to evaluate, provide relevant evidence and help you dive deeper into the study of human development.

Learning core: 

AS Level


  • (PY1) 20% Approaches: Biological, psychodynamic, cognitive, behaviourist and positive.
  • (PY2) 20% Research methods and key research and contemporary debates.

A2 Level

  • (PY3) 40% Implications in the real world. Addictions, stress and schizophrenia.
  • (PY4) 20% Applied research methods, personal investigation and controversies
  • Essential skills (embedded in main programme)
  • Weekly tutorials

Written examination

Entry requirements: 

  • Five GCSEs at grade C or above (may include 1 relevant equivalent)  to include: – English Language or First Language Welsh, Maths and/or Science dependent upon the AS subjects chosen. Additionally, learners will be required to have a minimum GCSE grade B in the subject or related subject
  • Must include GCSE English Language grade B and Maths grade B
  • Each application considered on individual merit
  • Entry is subject to interview


  • Laptop
  • AS text – Cardwell, M and Flanagan, C (2008) Psychology AS
  • A2 text – Psychology A2 for AQA, Cardwell, Clark, Meldrum Wadley 4th Edition. ISBN 978-000-7255047
  • Stationery approximately – £30


  • Full-time – no course fees
  • For further information on grants and funds available – click here
  • Administration fee (full-time) – £20 per student per year
  • Transport fees for over 19’s – click here

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  Twitter: @pembsCollege
  Youtube: /user/pembscollege

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Minimum English language entry requirements: 

IELTS: 5.5 and above

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