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Aston University

About Us

As a postgraduate student at Aston University you will be part of a multicultural, international campus community where you will benefit from high quality teaching, work with researchers who are making a real impact on society and develop a truly global perspective.

  • Aston has been a leading university for graduate employability since its foundation in 1966
  • Students from over 130 countries provide a truly international experience
  • Birmingham, one of Europe’s liveliest cities, is home to 70,000 students
  • Our secure, self-contained campus provides instant access to academic resources, study spaces, the library, sports facilities and places to relax and socialise
  • Student accommodation on campus provides over 3,000 new rooms built to the highest standard 


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  Twitter: @AstonUniversity
  Youtube: /user/AstonUniversity
  Instagram: astonuniversity

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