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MEF University has embraced a comprehensive and multidimensional internationalization strategy. Our global engagement will include, but not be restricted to, curriculum cooperation, strategic partnerships, student and faculty mobility, degree and institutional mobility, research collaboration, and interaction with industry internationally.

In curriculum development, all academic programs have been benchmarked to the top institutions globally, and the learning outcomes and curriculum structures formulated in strict adherence to international accreditation standards, as well as in full alignment with the Bologna Process, the European qualification frameworks and the Turkish National Qualifications Framework. ECTS is the internal and only credit system at MEF University.

MEF University strongly believes that diversity in the classroom enriches the overall quality of education. “Internationalization at home” is part of our mission and we are confident to attract a large body of international students, as well as a sizable international faculty. All programs at MEF University are taught fully in English apart from Law, which is 30% in English, the maximum under the law. The required English proficiency of students is CEFR B2 at time of starting in their academic program. Students not meeting this requirement need to complete the MEF English Language Preparatory Program where all instructors are non-Turkish. 

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