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Bilkent University

Our Students Say


Lazifa Karimli
From Azerbaijan

"I would recommend Bilkent for several reasons. To begin with, the standard of education is quite high and the university is on a promising road to becoming increasingly more internationally recognised and acclaimed. There are many different departments to choose from and many professors have received their graduate or post-graduate degrees from prestigious universities such as Yale or Cambridge. Lastly, the campus is lovely and huge!"



Ani Kristo
From Albania

"Bilkent is an institution that provides an excellent academic preparation, a great social environment and opportunities for a brilliant career. Ankara is definitely the city for students: a hub of the best universities in Turkey and a distinct community culture that is otherwise hard to find in other cities. I would definitely encourage everyone who is looking for an experience abroad, to apply to Bilkent as this is the most optimal transition from the high-school life to their future career aspirations."






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