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International Politics

Birth place of International Politics, one of the top departments for International Relations in the UK.

With the turn of the millennium the Department continues to respond to a rapidly changing world with a collective sense of imagination that breaks the mould of tradition.  The Department has built upon its reputation as the UK’s leading centre of excellence in theoretical explorations of international relations, with major contributions being made in the areas of Critical Theory, English School/international society, post-structuralism, historical sociology, and normative approaches to international relations.  In another breakthrough the Department appointed the UK’s first lecturer in the sub-field of intelligence studies, which has grown into the very successful Centre for Intelligence and International Security Studies.  The Institute for Welsh Politics has decisively shaped public debate in post-devolution Wales.  A new centre for the study of terrorism has been launched to explore the crucial relationship between political radicalisation and violence.  And in 2007 the first UNESCO Chair in Wales was established for the study of global health, especially HIV/AIDS, and foreign and security policy.

In 2002 the Davies legacy was consolidated with the relocation of the David Davies Memorial Institute (DDMI) to Aberystwyth, from its London base, to become one of the Department’s engines of research, led by the Institute’s flagship journal, International Relations, which joins the growing stable of journals edited in the Department.  It is in the spirit of this legacy that the Department of International Politics continues to push the boundaries of the discipline by posing difficult questions that define the problems of the twenty-first century.  But through it all, the Department remains true to the ideals in terms of which it was founded: to strive for a safe and more just world order.

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