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BS Psychology

Psychology majors at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo receive a broad education in psychology. As the study of behavior and mental processes, psychology includes the investigation of mental health and counseling, emotions and stress, personality, abnormal functioning, group processes, gender and cross-cultural issues, brain functioning, memory, cognitive processes, learning, and individual development throughout the lifespan.  Our program has a strong focus on application and hands-on experiences. We welcome students from all cultural backgrounds.

Program Learning Objectives

  • Appreciation of human diversity and multicultural perspectives
  • Critical thinking andproblem solving skills as applied to psychological issues
  • Appreciation of psychology as science
  • Understanding how attitudes, attributions, and social psychological principles explain behavior
  • Knowledge of maturation processes and stages of individual development across the lifespan
  • Understanding how conditioning, reinforcement, discrimination, and aversion affect behavior
  • Knowledge of cognitive processes such as perception, memory, problem solving
  • Knowledge of psychological disorders, their causes, and approaches to treatment


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