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Aston Business School- the only business school I...

JINYUE Yin also known as Ashley, is studying MSc Business & Management at Aston Business School, Aston University. She tells us all about her course and student life in Birmingham - some 4,893 miles away from...

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What is the UK’s TEF and does it help international...

THE Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) is an initiative started by the UK government’s Department for Education. With a primary goal to inform prospective students’ choices about the quality of education they...

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Studying my MBA: Life at Loughborough University

HI, I AM Aniket Karlekar, an MBA student from India studying at Loughborough University. It is with great pleasure that I write this blog and share my experiences being an international student at one of the best universities...

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Ten things you didn’t know about Russia

HERE are a lot of unusual and fascinating facts about Russia like the one, for example, that it is bigger than Pluto. Here are ten interesting and, more importantly, true things which might be new to you. There are actually...

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Indian Innovation: celebrating the best tech

THIS year, India commemorates 70 years of independence from the British Empire. To celebrate, we look at some of the latest technological developments in the country:   Celebrating Indian Independence day in...

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Budget guide to Budapest

MY friends, my boyfriend and I are always in the dilemma of wanting to do great things, travel to awesome places whilst we’re young and free but also wanting and needing to save money and not get ourselves in debt....

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Student Life


European Festival Packing List

PACKING for a festival can be a bit of a nightmare… a normal holiday is hard enough and then add to that the considerations of; camping, carrying your bag for miles, food, drink, clothing and being outside...

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Top 5 movies that capture South Africa’s talents

When I think about South Africa it’s hard not to think about its rich arts and culture, specifically our film industry. After all, we did produce Oscar award winning actress Charlize Theron. Although she may have raised...

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Things I wish I knew before I started my undergrad

STARTING university is exciting, but it can sometimes be bewildering! Have a look at our top tips to make the most of the best three (or four, or five) years of your life. 1. Try as many societies as possible during Freshers You’re...

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What Canadian Scholarships are on offer for 2017/18?

As the number of international students flocking to Canada grows, so will the number of scholarships available. Here is a list of some undergraduate, masters-level and doctorate scholarships available for international students...

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International Student Scholarships in the US

QUICK LINK! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE! CAPPEX: American Scholarships matches international students with U.S. colleges and scholarships. Getting started is easy. Just fill out some basic information and get your scholarship...

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Business School Scholarships for Postgraduates

THERE are many excellent justifications for getting a Masters in Business, including better career opportunities, higher salary potential and momentum for launching your career in a new industry or country. While increased...

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Graduate Prospects: Does it matter where I study?

WHEN drawing up a shortlist of universities they would like to attend, this generation of students follows an intricate process of cross-referencing the institution’s ranking, the employability rate, student satisfaction...

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Virtual Reality Careers - the key to the door

CAREERS in virtual reality development: what are your options? Designing the games emerging in the tech world would be a pretty cool job, right? Could it be feasible? How would you go about accessing this industry? This...

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Guide to Becoming a Social Worker in the UK

FAMILY social workers are one of the jobs on the Home Office’s shortage occupation list, which lists the professions that are the highest in demand in the UK. Employers for the occupations on this...

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Becca Lawes

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Becca Lawes

European Festival Packing List

PACKING for a festival can be a bit of a nightmare… a normal holiday is hard enough and then add to that the considerations of; camping, carrying your bag for miles, food, drink, clothing and being outside...

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