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5 Myths About Law Students: Debunked!

AS a law student, whenever I’m engaged in a conversation with someone and I happen to mention my major I notice how they seem to look at me in awe. Then, with a slight tilt of their head and an admiring look in their...

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11 Free and Low Cost Engineering Courses in Europe

As a student or a prospect student, you will probably prefer to look for cheap or free choices to enhance your education. Luckily, if your field of choice is engineering, we have chosen for you some of the most interesting...

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How Employable are Creative Degrees?

WHEN choosing a degree course, some people will decide with their heart and but many others feel they have to consider which course will lead to employment and a suitable career. In this battle, there are certain subjects,...

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5 Best Places to Study in Europe in English

EUROPEAN education systems are, and always have been, quite prestigious and held in high regard all around the globe. There are a number of reasons why they’re so good – it might have something to do with that...

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10 Good Reasons to Study in Alberta

ALBERTA: rugged, sprawling and characteristically Canadian. It is home to over 17,000 international students and is one of the major study abroad destinations in the country. But what makes people choose to study in Alberta...

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10 Useful Irish Phrases for Study Abroad

STUDYING abroad in Ireland seems like a completely reasonable thing to do if you’re a monolingual English speaker and don’t necessarily have time to pick up another language before you embark on your adventure....

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Student Life


10 Business Lessons Learned from Game of Thrones

ONCE in a while, there is a television show that reaches across the screen and seeps into culture. When it first aired in 2011, few people will have guessed that Game of Thrones would be such as series. It seemed to be a...

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The Invisible Illness Affecting International Students

THE time you spend studying abroad will be the best time of your life. That’s what everyone says, anyway, but the pressure to live up to this isn’t always easy. Studying abroad is great, and it is exciting,...

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Tents, Trains and Nursing Homes: 5 Extreme Ways Student...

MAYBE you think you know a thing or two about saving money as a student. Cooking in bulk, discount cards, turning the lights off, that kind of thing. These things will save you a few pennies, for sure – but none of...

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Orange Tulip Scholarship: 7 Essential Tips Before...

THE Netherlands is among the most coveted higher education destinations for prospective students. In order to ensure that as many students can benefit from Dutch university education, a number of scholarships have been set...

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DAAD Scholarship: 5 Essential Things to Know Before...

STUDENTS rejoice: there is a divine body looking out for you and it goes by the name of the DAAD. As it’s the largest funding organisation of its kind, you’re probably already familiar with it, but we know just...

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5 Scholarships for Pakistani Students in the UK

Looking for a scholarship can be tricky, especially when there are so many around and some are more specific than others. The UK government, together with numerous UK universities, have established some excellent scholarships...

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7 Paid Internships in Australia

WHEREVER you are from, you probably have at some point thought about visiting Australia, or even studying there! If you are one of these people, and you are a student or a recent graduate from university, we bring to you...

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Pros and Cons of Graduate Schemes

WHAT will you do when you finish your studies at university? Either you will fund your own company or, more commonly, you will start looking for a graduate job in your field of choice. Usually, this is not an easy task....

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Pros and Cons of Working for a Start Up After Graduating

THE moment you finish your university degree it will be the time to start looking for a job. Many new graduates go to work for well-established corporations, but, lately, there is a trend of working for a start-up company,...

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Francesca Turauskis - Creative Industries Editor

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Francesca Turauskis - Creative Industries Editor

10 Business Lessons Learned from Game of Thrones

ONCE in a while, there is a television show that reaches across the screen and seeps into culture. When it first aired in 2011, few people will have guessed that Game of Thrones would be such as series. It seemed to be a...

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