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What is the UK’s TEF and does it help international...

THE Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) is an initiative started by the UK government’s Department for Education. With a primary goal to inform prospective students’ choices about the quality of education they...

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Studying my MBA: Life at Loughborough University

HI, I AM Aniket Karlekar, an MBA student from India studying at Loughborough University. It is with great pleasure that I write this blog and share my experiences being an international student at one of the best universities...

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8 Myths about Journalism Students – Busted!

“LAWYERS are always trying to win”, “doctors diagnose every person they know”, “models never eat” – there are general beliefs that people have about most professions. They are often...

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Study abroad quick city guide to: Budapest

EVER wondered what it's like to visit the mystical Budapest? Our quick city guide will give you all the information you need to know about the Capital of Hungary.  Where is Budapest?: Hungary. Budapest is...

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My Student City: Cardiff and Pontypridd, South Wales

JONAS, from the Philippines, is studying MSc Renewable Energy and Resource Management at the University of South Wales. He is currently working on his dissertation as well as being a USW Student Blogger and a University...

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Quick Guide to Study Visas in Netherlands

THE Netherlands has become an increasingly popular student destination over the past few years. With its universities and colleges providing a high-quality education at a comparatively reasonable price, both undergraduate...

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Student Life


Accommodation deposits in the UK: how to make sure...

ONE big expense that students face is their accommodation deposit. A deposit is used as a guarantee against damage to the landlord’s property. In the England and Wales, landlords must safeguard your deposit through...

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Make your voice heard: become a voluntary contributor...

As we move into the new academic year, new spots are available for voluntary student contributors. Whether your passion is for writing, for visual story telling or for documentary, we can offer you the opportunity...

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Innovative Student Housing Projects to Help Fight...

COULD students and older people live together? We look at some of the affordable student housing options that also help to tackle social isolation and loneliness.   Approximately one-third of older people will experience...

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Business School Scholarships for Postgraduates

THERE are many excellent justifications for getting a Masters in Business, including better career opportunities, higher salary potential and momentum for launching your career in a new industry or country. While increased...

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Scholarships for Students in the Commonwealth

DO YOU want to continue your academic journey after you undergraduate degree? Or do you dream of travelling or living in a different country? If you are a citizen of a commonwealth country then both of these things could...

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Agriculture Scholarships for International Students

DID you know that Prince William studied a 10 week course in Agricultural Management at Cambridge University? The course was designed specifically to prepare him for when he inherits the Duke of Cornwall estate. Whilst most...

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Graduate Prospects: Does it matter where I study?

WHEN drawing up a shortlist of universities they would like to attend, this generation of students follows an intricate process of cross-referencing the institution’s ranking, the employability rate, student satisfaction...

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Virtual Reality Careers - the key to the door

CAREERS in virtual reality development: what are your options? Designing the games emerging in the tech world would be a pretty cool job, right? Could it be feasible? How would you go about accessing this industry? This...

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Guide to Becoming a Social Worker in the UK

FAMILY social workers are one of the jobs on the Home Office’s shortage occupation list, which lists the professions that are the highest in demand in the UK. Employers for the occupations on this...

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Kate Istead

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Kate Istead

What is the UK’s TEF and does it help international students?

THE Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) is an initiative started by the UK government’s Department for Education. With a primary goal to inform prospective students’ choices about the quality of education they...

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