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10 of the Weirdest Degrees in the World

IN the news today more and more students are securing their university places through clearing and by picking a subject they are passionate about, instead of the one they originally wanted, students are succeeding and enjoying...

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What Does Studying Abroad Mean? 4 Paths You Can Take

Experiencing new a culture, enhancing your education and learning from a different perspective: studying abroad is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the chance to study what you want in a foreign country, either...

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5 Most Employable Degrees for 2020

WITH so many students heading for university and grabbing those top class degrees, it can be a challenge to get the job at the end of all your hard work. Thankfully, there are a number of up-and-coming degrees you can study...

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Language Lessons from the Netherlands: Dat is Andere...

IT may not have the global presence of English, the suave appeal of French or the intensity of Spanish, but learning Dutch is definitely worth it if you’re ever thinking of studying in the Netherlands. Having spent...

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We'll be at the Largest Higher Education Conference...

We are proud to announce that Student World Online will be attending the EAIE conference in Liverpool next month. The European Association for International Education is the largest higher education conference in Europe...

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How has the Rio Olympics affected student life?

Rio has now shut its curtains to the world. The Olympic Games are officially over. As the teams fly back to their respective countries, a resounding sigh of relief spreads over the Brazilian capital. While the games really...

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Student Life


5 Ways to Prepare for University

IT'S that time again where millions of people around the world start a new chapter in their lives and embark on the exciting time of studying for what will hopefully bring them a great career. Lots of emotions will be...

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5 Ways to Eat Healthily at University

It's well known that a lot of universities around the world, especially in the West, bombard students with a whole host of junk foods and leave few options for the more health conscious. Just this month Xavier University...

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Should I Still Study in Britain? Don't Let Brexit...

SINCE UK voters decided to leave the European Union on 23rd June, international students have been concerned. A survey by Hobsons shows that 43% of prospective international students feel Brexit has affected their decision...

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5 Great UK Scholarships for Ethiopian Students

THERE is a lot of opportunity for people to study abroad in the 21st century, and who wouldn’t want take up the opportunity to experience new cultures, lifestyles and people? If you’re an Ethiopian student dreaming...

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5 Top Sports Scholarships in the UK

ARE you an athlete? Have you always been interested in sports and excelled at one in particular? If so, you will find that many universities in the UK offer sports scholarships for those who have a good level in their sport...

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13 Scholarships for Nigerian Students

IF you are from Nigeria and you are looking for scholarships to study abroad, you are in the right place! Both companies and universities around the world often offer scholarships to Nigerian students, helping you study...

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Student Life Hacks: How to Kick-Start Your Career...

LIKE many students, for me university was about learning exciting new things, doing my assignments and getting good grades at the end of it. It took a lot of hard work and dedication (as well as some very late nights, coffee...

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Don't want to be a teacher? Other jobs you can do...

ENGLISH graduates get a lot of questions about what job they’re going to do after university. An English degree? What are you going to do with that? Oh, so you want to be a school teacher? Shouldn’t...

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6 unconventional careers for graduates (that are also...

ALTHOUGH graduate career advisers might not always promote this idea, having a regular 9-to-5 is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some students realise, years after they’ve graduated, that the career they worked so...

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Francesca Turauskis - Editor

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Francesca Turauskis - Editor

Student Life Hacks: How to Kick-Start Your Career as a Student

LIKE many students, for me university was about learning exciting new things, doing my assignments and getting good grades at the end of it. It took a lot of hard work and dedication (as well as some very late nights, coffee...

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