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    From Denmark to Sri Lanka ...Why Am I Spending Time Abroad?

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    Unpaid internships ...are they worth it?

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Want to teach English? With the new MA in Education...

FOR international students wishing to study teaching or language, but with more opportunities than a generic Masters, Bishop Grosseteste University have launched a flagship course – MA in Education with TESOL...

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How to Write a Personal Statement: 5 Last-Minute Tips...

WITH the winter wind-down drawing to an end, it is time to get back in the groove of things. For all of you budding students out there, that might mean completing your undergraduate university applications. As you know,...

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What are the Top Law Schools on Each Continent?

A DEGREE in law can open the door to a number of exciting career opportunities; whether you want to work as a judge or a solicitor, a law degree will be your first step on the road to success. A great many universities located...

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International Study Post-Brexit: What Did Theresa...

PEOPLE want the government to “get on with it, so that is what we shall do”, proclaimed Theresa May in her Brexit speech last week. Delivered on 17th January, the speech communicated the main objectives for the,...

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Top Tips on Applying to Study Abroad

BEING from Nicaragua, a Latin American country right in the middle of America, has never been so challenging when it comes to applying for scholarships on the other side of the world. I have to be honest, it is not easy....

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From Denmark to Sri Lanka: Why am I Spending Time...

AFTER graduating high school in my home country of Slovakia, I got an opportunity to live and study in Denmark. As I started to research life in Denmark I put my expectations high. According the UN World Happiness Report...

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Student Life


Can't Attend an Open Day? Don't Panic!

IT IS one of the most important questions you will ever have to ask yourself: Where should I go to university? You’ve looked at league tables, you like the look of the courses and, of course, you are doing your research...

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Make the Most of University with Extra-Curricular...

WHEN prospective students are searching for the right university, many will focus on the courses and indicative modules on offer. But equally important when choosing where you’ll be living and learning is looking at...

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8 Resolutions Every Student Should Keep

2017 is only a few weeks old, and many of you have probably already made resolutions – and already broken them. But don’t drop them just yet. While New Year’s Resolutions have never really been my thing...

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The Horizon 2020 Project: Funding for the Future

Everything Begins with an Idea... Earl Nightingale Students have brilliant, innovative ideas more often than we might think. They come up with concepts which, if put into practice, could harness impressive societal,...

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5 Drama & Acting Scholarships for International...

FOR many people, the glamourous life of an actor is a dream career, but one that is notoriously expensive and difficult to train for. There is no sure route in, and nowadays courses range from the more theoretical options...

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5 Great UK Scholarships for Ethiopian Students

THERE is a lot of opportunity for people to study abroad in the 21st century, and who wouldn’t want take up the opportunity to experience new cultures, lifestyles and people? If you’re an Ethiopian student dreaming...

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Unpaid Internships: Are They Worth It?

I'M not sure at what point everyone got together and decided they were alright with working for free, but unpaid internships have become more and more an accepted part of life. However, before you accept that this is...

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Becoming a Dentist: 3 Things you Should Know About...

LET'S face it... most of us were scared of visits to the dentist when we were children, but this doesn't seem to have affected our choices later on in life. Studies show that an increasing number of international...

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WATCH THIS: The Internet of Moving Things

APPLICATIONS for the EU Women Innovators Award 2017 began on 13th September. Currently, women make up only 30% of all entrepreneurs in Europe, and this award aims to highlight the achievements of female entrepreneurs....

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International Study Post-Brexit: What Did Theresa May's Speech Tell Us?

PEOPLE want the government to “get on with it, so that is what we shall do”, proclaimed Theresa May in her Brexit speech last week. Delivered on 17th January, the speech communicated the main objectives for the,...

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