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    10 things you need to know about Edindurgh

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    University of Bristol

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    5 ways to reduce stress when going back to university

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    Virtual Reality Careers The key to the door

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Downturn in UK University Applications: what caused...

APPLICATIONS for UK universities have fallen dramatically for the first time since 2012, according to UCAS, the admission service for UK universities. This year there was a decrease of 25,000 applications (4%) compared...

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Top Online Resources for Engineering Students

Engineering is no doubt a challenging course to study at university, but if successful, students can have an excellent career ahead of them. There are a lot of resources available to engineering students and professionals...

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What is Erasmus and who is eligible?

WHILE there are countless networks of universities offering international experience opportunities, there is no programme as broad or comprehensive as the European Union’s Erasmus programme. Established in 1987, Erasmus...

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Ireland’s rise as a destination for international...

THE UK’s controversial decision to leave the European Union last June has already resulted in a number of outcomes directly concerning Universities in the UK. It was widely suggested that increased visa restrictions...

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Nicaragua celebrates its Independence Day

Nicaragua is a Central American country located between Costa Rica and Honduras. Sometimes so I can help people locate my country I tell them it is close to Mexico or Panama so then they say "ahhh right!" and they...

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10 Facts about California every international student...

THE thought of California evokes a lot of colourful imagery, but there is definitely more to the state than beautiful beaches, Hollywood stars and great weather. Here are some facts that might surprise...

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L’shana Tovah!

THE  month of September is the month of the High Holidays, or Yamim Nora’im, in the Jewish faith. The holiday begins with Rosh Hashanah, this year starting on the 20th and ends with Yom Kippur, on the 29th....

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How to build your personal brand

  WHY should students think about their own personal brand?   A brand isn’t limited to just products or companies, it’s a great idea to start thinking about your own personal brand as building...

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7 Nicaraguan films that you must see

As a Nicaraguan international student I can tell you that you can find the most interesting, iconic and amazing stories in every corner of my beloved country. Here are some films and documentaries that will give you a better...

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What Canadian Scholarships are on offer for 2017/18?

As the number of international students flocking to Canada grows, so will the number of scholarships available. Here is a list of some undergraduate, masters-level and doctorate scholarships available for international students...

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International Student Scholarships in the US

QUICK LINK! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE! CAPPEX: American Scholarships matches international students with U.S. colleges and scholarships. Getting started is easy. Just fill out some basic information and get your scholarship...

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Business School Scholarships for Postgraduates

THERE are many excellent justifications for getting a Masters in Business, including better career opportunities, higher salary potential and momentum for launching your career in a new industry or country. While increased...

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Renewable Energy in the UK and its Impact on Jobs

IN June 2017, the UK’s National Grid reported that energy generation from renewable energy sources in the whole of the UK amounted to just above 50% of all power generated in the country. Another 20% of power came...

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Graduate Prospects: Does it matter where I study?

WHEN drawing up a shortlist of universities they would like to attend, this generation of students follows an intricate process of cross-referencing the institution’s ranking, the employability rate, student satisfaction...

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Virtual Reality Careers - the key to the door

CAREERS in virtual reality development: what are your options? Designing the games emerging in the tech world would be a pretty cool job, right? Could it be feasible? How would you go about accessing this industry? This...

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Kate Istead

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Kate Istead

Ireland’s rise as a destination for international students

THE UK’s controversial decision to leave the European Union last June has already resulted in a number of outcomes directly concerning Universities in the UK. It was widely suggested that increased visa restrictions...

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