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    UK universities for medicine Four top options outside Oxbridge

  • Three reasons Berlin is a great student city

    Berlin Three reasons why it's a great choice

  • Getting in to Law

    Law How to get in

  • Where to get a good deal on flights

    Flights Where to find the best deals

  • Four reasons you should study abroad

    Why study abroad? Four key reasons

  • Tech for English learning

    Learning English Could these three apps help?

  • Online or on-campus?

    Online or On-Campus Which to choose?

  • Our European city picks for study abroad

    European cities Our picks for international students

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Online or on-campus?

WITH even Harvard University offering superb online courses available across the globe to millions of new students, is it time to re-evaluate what international students now consider to be ‘studying abroad’? Campus-based...

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4 top non-Oxbridge UK universities for medicine

MEDICINE remains, as it always has been, one of the most competitive degree subjects for entrance to university in the UK. But it’s not simply a case of the best universities overall dominating this marquee subject...

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UWE Bristol is at the centre of creative industries...

THEY say that many successes you have in life will be down to where you are when opportunities arise. Creative Industries students at UWE Bristol start from a UK creative powerhouse... Where could you have found...

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Our European city picks for international students

MAKING sure you choose the right city is perhaps one of the most important parts you’ll need to research before making your choice to study abroad as an international student. Yes, the quality of the teaching and...

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Three reasons you should consider Berlin as your student...

BERLIN has long been considered one of the great cities for short city breaks, getaways with friends or even a partying capital, but it's already a place which students flock to from across the world to live and study...

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Why emlyon Business School is a great place to study

EMLYON Business School is a leading French institution based in Lyon, founded in 1872 by the local business community. Nowadays, it has an impressive five additional international campuses in Saint-Etienne, Shanghai, Casablanca,...

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Student Life


Tech for English learning – Three apps reviewed

THEY say that learning English, in comparison to other major world languages, is a process which would be shaped like an inverted pyramid if you were to map it. The fundamentals of the English language aren’t that...

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Four reasons you should consider studying abroad

THERE are a whole host of reasons why you should consider studying abroad. Not only do you gain invaluable, life-enriching experience in what could be a very different culture to your own – the personal advantages...

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Where to get a good deal on flights

SO, you got a place at one of your preferred universities - now for the planning bit.  Luckily, when it comes to flights, there are plenty of options to save money on getting to your new university destination to...

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£3,000 international student scholarships still available...

THE University of Birmingham in the UK is currently accepting applications for their BIA Academic Merit and BIA Pathway Scholarships.  Continue reading below...  The Foundation Scholarships are available...

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UCL launches new scholarship scheme

A college at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK has launched a new scholarship scheme aimed at assisting those who will find it hard to receive government financing of their degree due to their immigration...

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MBA scholarship available for African students studying...

THE University of Birmingham is currently offering international postgraduate students of African origin the chance to apply for an MBA scholarship which covers course fees.  The African MBA Scholarship is partly...

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Getting in to Law

STUDYING law can be a pathway to an exciting number of careers. There are a couple of essential components to securing a career in law: education and experience. In the following article, we’ll walk you through...

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Here are three of the most inspirational female figures...

ARCHITECTURE has not exactly been a sterling performer in the past when it comes to promoting non-male leaders in the field.  So which women are leading the field today, who might serve as inspiration for the women...

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Don't Want to be a Doc? 15 Other Jobs You Can Do with...

DID your parents make you study medicine even though you can't stand the sight of blood? Are you half-way through your medical degree and wondering why you ever dreamed of being a doctor? Or maybe you've graduated...

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