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    UK immigration crackdown: exempt international students, says politician

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    5 totally FREE computer science master's programs in Europe

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    Helsinki, Finland - My student city

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    California dreaming: Meet Michelle who is off to UC Berkeley

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    Study in Scotland at DJCAD: Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design

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Five FREE MSc computer science programs in Europe

SOME universities in Europe offer students free tuition for their master's programs - even international students.  Here are five free MSc programs in computer science and related disciplines such as systems engineering,...

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Where can I study petroleum and gas engineering?

Writer Robert Bryce once said “If oil didn’t exist, we’d have to invent it”. The world runs on oil, and until a similarly effective energy source is found, it will continue to be the most needed...

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Luxury brand management programmes in France and Italy

LUXURY consumers around the world have tripled in number over the past two decades. Some 330 million people are now spending $300billion a year on designer accessories, fragrances, cosmetics and delicacies, a third of them...

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Do your master's degree in three countries with Erasmus+

A GLOBAL mindset and understanding of your subject from different international perspectives can give you the edge in your chosen career.  That's why every year thousands of people from across the world embark...

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A Nigerian in Nashville Part 1: Journey to the USA

On the 22nd of August 2013, I dreamt that I was on a plane, leaving Nigeria for America to begin my university education.  Almost a year later, I am yet to awake from that dream.  My name is Lilian Ogbuefi and...

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My Student City - Berlin, Germany

Tianjue Li, from China, is studying at Humboldt University in Berlin, the capital city of Germany.  What do you love about Berlin? Berlin is a liberal, multicultural, dynamic metropolis with its own taste and...

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Student Life


10 great free things to do in London

LONDON is an amazing city with an endless list of attractions. It's also one of the world's most expensive cities. However the beauty of London is that there is so much to do and experience for free. Ranging from...

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You won't believe who pays the highest rents in London

GUESS who rents the most expensive apartments in the most expensive neighbourhood of the world's most expensive city? Oil tycoons? Yes. Bankers? Yes. Billionnaire businessmen? Yes. What about students? Er......yes! One...

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Beyond Bollywood - what student life is REALLY like...

BOLLYWOOD movies paint a romantic picture of life as a South Asian student in western society. Now here comes the honest truth from Pakistani graduate Asad Khan. Bollywood 'famcom' From Sydney with Love tells...

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London woos Indian students with scholarships

LONDON's universities are awarding Indian students almost 25 lakh rupees (£2.5 million) in scholarships every year, new research shows.  A survey of 17 universities found that almost Rs.25 lakh of scholarship...

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10 great graduate scholarships for study in Turkey

ASPIRING students from 176 countries lodged a record 82,000 scholarship applications to study in Turkey last year.    The country is growing increasingly popular with international students and the generous scholarships...

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10 computer science scholarships around the world

1. Microsoft Scholarships – USA, Canada or Mexico Microsoft currently offers four different scholarships to college students wishing to pursue a career in computer science and who have achieved a minimum 3.0 grade...

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Working for the Big Three - careers in management...

The Big Three are the world's most prestigious management consulting firms.  In the industry, they are also known as MBB, an acronym of the companies they comprise - McKinsey & Company, The Boston Consulting...

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Why you might be better off NOT going to university

GLOBAL youth employment has soared in recent years and being a university graduate is no guarantee of a job. In fact, contrary to popular belief, young graduates in some countries are less likely to find work than those...

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20 jobs for 2020

The future: We plan it, we think constantly about it, we worry about it, we dream about it. The future is always at the back of our minds especially when it comes to our aims and aspirations. With a dramatically changing...

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Study art and design at DJCAD in Scotland, UK


Naomi Todd

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Naomi Todd

Do your master's degree in three countries with Erasmus+

A GLOBAL mindset and understanding of your subject from different international perspectives can give you the edge in your chosen career.  That's why every year thousands of people from across the world embark...

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Helsinki, Finland - my student city

Gaurav Khairkar, 23, from India, is completing a Masters in Radio Science and Engineering at Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland.     What...

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Destination of the week

Berlin, Germany

"A liberal, multicultural, dynamic metropolis"

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