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    Bishop Grosseteste University ...a small and friendly institution

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5 Courses to Step Into Virtual Reality Design

WITH technology rapidly enhancing, virtual reality has become a major interest of many young people wanting to get into the digital design business. There’s no doubt that this would be a fantastic (and fun!) industry...

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Faculty in Focus: The Business School of Edinburgh...

IN 2016, UCAS had more than 28,000 applicants for Business and Management undergraduate degrees – that’s over 5% of all undergraduate degrees. When all these students enter the workplace, there is a lot of competition...

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10 Reasons to Enter the World of Quantative Finance...

If you’re looking to enter the international world of finance, you’re probably aware that you’re facing an increasingly risky profession. Whilst a job in ‘finance’ often brings to mind Wolf...

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Navigating Healthcare in the UK

BEFORE moving to the UK to embark on your course of study, it is important that you have the right healthcare arrangements in place. These requirements differ depending on which country you are travelling from, the visa...

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Celebrating Easter in Europe

MANY countries in Europe celebrate Easter in Spring. For Christians, Easter is a celebration of Jesus giving his life for his people on the cross and his resurrection afterwards. But for even for non-Christians, Easter represents...

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10 Great Reasons to Study at Aston University Birmingham

THE city of Birmingham in England has been the beginning of many good things in the past – Cadburys chocolate, heavy metal and the Balti, to name a few – and studying at Aston University Birmingham could be a...

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Student Life


The Study Abroad Bucket List

STUDYING abroad is about more than furthering your knowledge in a foreign country: it’s an experience that is going to shape your life forever and despite whatever you end up doing career-wise in your future, you will...

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UK Voting for International Students: Could You be...

A SNAP General Election has been called in the UK to be held on the 8th June 2017. It is vital that as many people as possible use their local ballot box. However, what many people don’t know is that thousands of international...

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Laptop, Tablet or Phone? Travelling Light as a Student

NOWADAYS everyone seems to have an abundance of technology lying around. As hardware becomes more affordable and companies churn out new releases faster than you can break the old ones, the build up leaves us with the classic...

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Business School Grants for Future Entrepreneurs

WHAT do these people have in common: Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors; Tim Cook, CEO of Apple; Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft and Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google? Yes, they have some of the highest paid, most influential...

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Edinburgh Welcomes You to Apply!

THE capital of Scotland, known for its history, medieval architecture and culture, is one of the most desirable destinations for students who wish to combine their academic endeavours with tourism. Edinburgh Napier University...

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5 Dentistry Scholarships to Make You Smile

KEEN about dentistry but need help with funds? We understand that dentistry scholarships are hard to come by, so we have collated a list of five universities worldwide that can attend to your financial needs, ranging from...

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Interning Abroad: How Time Flies

HOW time flies, and Student World Online said goodbye to both of our interns after three weeks. Whilst we were sorry to see them go, we're glad to see they had such good times with us. Before she left, Madeleine wrote...

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Work Experience in England: Definitely YES!

THREE weeks has gone by very quickly, and we have said goodbye to our lovely interns. We asked Lisa-Marie to tell us how she found the experience. She might not have known exactly what she was getting herself in for as a...

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WATCH THIS: Steve Jobs' Stanford Commencement Speech...

THERE comes a time when the only thing you have left to do at university is… graduate. And here’s a secret for you: graduating is awkward. I’m not talking about becoming a graduate and entering the...

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Jennifer Parker

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Jennifer Parker

Navigating Healthcare in the UK

BEFORE moving to the UK to embark on your course of study, it is important that you have the right healthcare arrangements in place. These requirements differ depending on which country you are travelling from, the visa...

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