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Where Can I Study Fashion in the UK?

Fashion is a multi-billion dollar international industry, so it’s not surprising that students travel across the world for the opportunity to study it. However, while most will think of Paris, Milan and New York when...

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Get a Business Boost from a UK Summer School

For many, the term ‘summer school’ usually means catching up and improving your grades while everyone else enjoys the sunshine. But in the UK, university summer schools mean something else entirely – especially...

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Ivy League Schools: What You Need to Know

What does ‘Ivy League’ mean? The term ‘Ivy League’ was originally used to refer to an athletic conference that eight universities from the east-coast of the USA take part in. However, the term...

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7 Culture Shocks for International Students in California

Los Angeles is famously known as the “City of Angels”, although the idea of becoming a full-fledged resident of its home-state California can cause a hellish fear. This state is possibly most famous for sun,...

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Studying International Law in The Hague

“The Hague will always be a point of reference for me.” Rafaela in front of the Peace Palace in The Hague About 160 international organizations are located in the Dutch city The Hague, also known...

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Study at Nobel Prize winning institutes in Germany

IF you’re looking to study cutting-edge science abroad it may not be a single university that you need to look at, but something rather more unique. The Max Planck Society (MPS) has a world-leading reputation as...

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Student Life


How to Find the Right Volunteering Project for You...

Voluntourism has recently faced a huge backlash. The likes of the 'Gap Yah' sketch, in which a comic mocks the gap year culture where one “finds oneself” travelling far and wide in 'Ugandah',...

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What is The International Student Network UK?

When news reached our ears that a new online network for international students was about to launch, we had to find out more. We spoke to Frances, creator of the International Students Network UK (ISNUK), to ask her some...

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Learn a Foreign Language in Your Spare Time

We all know the benefits of learning a foreign language – it improves your communication skills, it enhances your travels and it’s an asset to help you climb up the career ladder too. These benefits merely scrape...

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Drama Scholarships: 5 Schools For Aspiring Actors

For many people, the glamourous life of an actor is a dream career, but one that is notoriously expensive and difficult to train for. There is no sure route in, and nowadays courses range from the more theoretical options...

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Art fellowships for south Asian students in the UK

ARTISTS and museum curators don't usually get showered with funding, which is why the Charles Wallace Trusts are so special. Every year, they help doctoral students and professionals from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh...

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How I got two scholarships and a grant to study at...

EWAN French, from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, has secured no fewer than two scholarships and one grant to study engineering science at Oxford.  He told Student World Online why applying for financial aid is a...

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Why the High Flyers of Tomorrow are Studying a Business...

I would like to get across a clear, simple message over this article; if you graduate with a master’s degree in the United Kingdom, and especially if it’s a business degree, you’re going to have access...

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Thomson Reuters internship launched my business career

BUSINESS and finance graduates looking for paid experience with an international corporation might want to take a look at an internship with Thomson Reuters.  The New York-based multinational is a world-leading source...

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Working for the Big Three - careers in management...

The Big Three are the world's most prestigious management consulting firms.  In the industry, they are also known as MBB, an acronym of the companies they comprise - McKinsey & Company, The Boston Consulting...

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Naomi Todd

How to Find the Right Volunteering Project for You This Summer

Voluntourism has recently faced a huge backlash. The likes of the 'Gap Yah' sketch, in which a comic mocks the gap year culture where one “finds oneself” travelling far and wide in 'Ugandah',...

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Why I Love Studying Textiles at MMU

I’ve had a passion for creativity since before I can remember, so for me, taking my education the next step to university was an easy decision to...

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