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6 Different Types of Animation - An Introduction

ANIMATION is nothing more than an optical illusion – a way of tricking our eyes into thinking that lots of static pictures are one moving image. Since the success of sites such as YouTube, simple shorts can be attempted...

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What Does Studying Abroad Mean? 4 Paths You Can Take

Experiencing new a culture, enhancing your education and learning from a different perspective: studying abroad is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the chance to study what you want in a foreign country, either...

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QS vs Times - Which is the Best University League...

DECIDING which university you would like to study at, or where you should apply, can be stressful for some people. Sometimes it’s difficult to find out the price of the course that you would like to study, or whether...

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8 Universities & Colleges in London for International...

WHEN you think of studying in London, you might think double-decker buses, phone boxes and the Big Ben. Maybe you lust after multi-cultural markets, art and music, and vibrant campuses. Or maybe, for you, a ticket to London...

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5 Best Places to Study in Europe in English

EUROPEAN education systems are, and always have been, quite prestigious and held in high regard all around the globe. There are a number of reasons why they’re so good – it might have something to do with that...

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10 Good Reasons to Study in Alberta

ALBERTA: rugged, sprawling and characteristically Canadian. It is home to over 17,000 international students and is one of the major study abroad destinations in the country. But what makes people choose to study in Alberta...

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Student Life


How to Deal with Reverse Culture Shock After Study...

STUDENT opportunities to work or study abroad have become increasingly more accessible in recent years. Every university has carefully established a network of fellow learning institutions across the globe aimed at providing...

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Why Do You Want to Study Abroad? 6 Tips to Inspire...

APPLYING to study abroad is a tricky thing, especially when it comes to answering that all-important essay question: why do you want to study abroad? It sounds like a simple enough query, but try to write an answer and...

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How to Get WiFi Anywhere While Studying Abroad

THE Internet is an unavoidable part of our everyday lives. Even if you’re not an avid social media user, universities now function almost entirely online, and while they may have a great WiFi network in the buildings,...

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5 Top Sports Scholarships in the UK

ARE you an athlete? Have you always been interested in sports and excelled at one in particular? If so, you will find that many universities in the UK offer sports scholarships for those who have a good level in their sport...

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13 Scholarships for Nigerian Students

IF you are from Nigeria and you are looking for scholarships to study abroad, you are in the right place! Both companies and universities around the world often offer scholarships to Nigerian students, helping you study...

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Orange Tulip Scholarship: 7 Essential Tips Before...

THE Netherlands is among the most coveted higher education destinations for prospective students. In order to ensure that as many students can benefit from Dutch university education, a number of scholarships have been set...

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Want to Get a Freelance Writing Job for Students?...

FREELANCE writing as a student is a great way to earn money at university, whilst not losing sight of your studies. You can work when you want, get a bit of extra cash to help with the rent, improve your CV and best of all,...

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7 Fun (But Useful) Part Time Jobs for Students

If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past year is the importance of doing what you love. This is the sort of thing that everyone says, but how many people actually listen to their own advice? I’ve witnessed...

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8 other jobs you can do with an Economics degree

ALL too often, students get it into their heads that they have to do something that directly relates to their degree, or the whole studying process has been a waste of time. That’s not true, and students shouldn’t...

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Holly Smith

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Holly Smith

Want to Get a Freelance Writing Job for Students? Here's How

FREELANCE writing as a student is a great way to earn money at university, whilst not losing sight of your studies. You can work when you want, get a bit of extra cash to help with the rent, improve your CV and best of all,...

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