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What is Environmental Management (and Where Can I...

How do you like the sound of a career that benefits the world and your bank account? Well, look no further – a degree in environmental management, environmental studies or sustainability development will give you...

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What is Digital Journalism - and Why Does it Matter?

Digital journalism is very different to the traditional journalism that was around as little as a decade ago. From the way news is captured to its reception by readers, students wishing to become journalists need to be familiar...

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How a Degree in Entrepreneurship Can Help Your Career

Along with the technological advancements, the entrepreneurship and business landscape has changed considerably around the world.  In the United Kingdom in 2014, there has been a record number of start-ups set up, according...

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10 Good Reasons to Study in the Netherlands

90,500 - that's how many international students attended Dutch universities in 2013. It's unlikely that tulips and windmills are driving so many to this tiny and slightly dairy-obsessed country - so why is it so...

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Go Study in Turkey

Anyone keeping their finger on the pulse will know that Turkey is rapidly becoming the study destination of choice for many international students. Not only are three of its universities ranked in the Times’s Top 100...

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Want to Study Business in France? How to Decide on...

If you are a graduate with a mind set on business and France is your country of choice to continue your studies, read on for some tips on how to prepare to embark on this journey. You are thrilled at the thought of spending...

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Student Life


Life After University: How to Stay Motivated Between...

You've graduated. Now what? Unless you're one of the proactive and lucky ones, you're probably at the stage where you're looking for a job. You're in the space of "in-between" - just out...

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10 Fun Ways to Stay in Touch With Friends & Family

Whether you are just returning from university and leaving your new friends behind, or preparing to leave your home in September for somewhere new, staying in touch is still a huge concern for many international students....

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Life After University: 6 Tips Before You Graduate

Today’s Internet seems to be full of lists: 10 reasons to get married; five things that make a leader great; 24 sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan recipes to lose weight, gain energy and live a healthier life....

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What's the Difference Between Scholarships, Grants...

There are three ways in which students can receive monetary support when studying in the UK. Scholarships, grants and bursaries all offer some sort of financial assistance for students who need it or for those who apply...

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Drama Scholarships: 5 Schools For Aspiring Actors

For many people, the glamourous life of an actor is a dream career, but one that is notoriously expensive and difficult to train for. There is no sure route in, and nowadays courses range from the more theoretical options...

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Art fellowships for south Asian students in the UK

ARTISTS and museum curators don't usually get showered with funding, which is why the Charles Wallace Trusts are so special. Every year, they help doctoral students and professionals from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh...

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A Guide to the UK Shortage Occupations List

Getting your hands on a UK work visa can be a long and arduous process, but if you so happen to be trained in a field where British trained professionals are in short supply, you could be in luck. Your skills are in high...

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Want to Work in Academia? Read This First!

Graduates are often drawn to the idea of postgraduate study. We asked Maggie Bonsey, MA Irish Studies student at NUI Galway, to tell us about the options available to aspiring academics today. When you start a degree-seeking...

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Meaningful Health Careers That DON'T Require a Medical...

We all know that healthcare is a vastly important industry. Doctors and nurses are always in demand, and emergency rooms, particularly in countries like the UK, are overflowing. In one sense, this is great news for students...

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Amy Murnan - Editor

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Amy Murnan - Editor

10 Good Reasons to Study in the Netherlands

90,500 - that's how many international students attended Dutch universities in 2013. It's unlikely that tulips and windmills are driving so many to this tiny and slightly dairy-obsessed country - so why is it so...

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