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Why Do I Love International Business Management So...

LOCATED in the ‘heart of England’, the University of Lincoln is one of the UK’s leading modern universities. It’s also one of the best universities in the UK universities for student satisfaction...

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6 Stellar Students: What Would Your Favourite Star...

THE first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi launched a few weeks ago and people are already getting giddy and excited at the thought of a new addition to the franchise. For this reason, December couldn’t...

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What Can You Do With an Agri-food Tech Degree?

IT IS believed that the rise in agriculture and farming led to the growth of civilisation. But the continued spread of unsustainable agriculture could lead to the downfall of civilisation as well. It is estimated that by...

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Top 10 Global Universities Under 50: QS University...

THE top spots in most annual global university rankings, whether in a particular academic subject or overall, are usually dominated by highly established institutions that are already household names: Oxbridge and the Ivy...

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10 Reasons to Study at UCC, University of the Year!

A STRONG culture, beautiful scenery and a government that is “Investing in Global Relationships”: Ireland is fast becoming a go-to destination for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Ireland currently...

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The Future of International Study Following the UK...

WHILST the UK is likely to remain the second most popular study abroad destination in the world for many years to come, the snap general election in June 2017 will determine where Britain’s international study status...

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Student Life


Interview with a Student: Studying for a PGCE at BGU

XIAN, from China, first came to England to study an undergraduate degree in Business Studies with Finance & Accounting in 2009. Eight years later, and having completed a Masters in Marketing, she is now studying a Primary...

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10 Must-See Films to Explain Colombia to International...

IN THE last decade, Colombia has been earning its space in the film industry, not only because its landscape has served as a set for movies (like the biographic The 33, directed by Antonio Banderas, the horror Out of the...

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7 Best Exam Revision Strategies for Your Learning...

EXAM season is undoubtedly the most nerve-racking time of year. Very few students walk into an exam room confident that they will truly nail their assessment. Sometimes, it’s just the pressure of an exam that makes...

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Scholarships for Mexican Students in the USA

SCHOLARSHIPS are not only helpful financial tools for university students studying abroad, they are also ways that universities attract a diversity of students and professors from all over the world and encourage bridge...

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10 Amazing Scholarships For Amazing Women

THERE is a wide range of scholarships available to female students from all over the globe. These come in various form, from monetary bursaries to mentorship schemes and internship opportunities. The scholarships aimed...

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What's the Difference Between Scholarships, Grants...

THERE are three ways in which students can receive monetary support when studying in the UK. Scholarships, grants and bursaries all offer some sort of financial assistance for students who need it or for those who apply...

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6 Ways to Improve Your CV Before You Get to University

AS COMPETITION for spots at university and jobs in the workplace increases, good grades are just not enough anymore. Like employers, university admissions officers like to see a candidate with experience on their CV. While...

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A Quick Guide to Post-Study Work Visas in Australia

THERE have been some major changes to the Australian visa process, meaning staying as a postgraduate could be harder. However it isn’t all doom and gloom. We have put together a short guide explaining some of the options...

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Interning Abroad: How Time Flies

HOW time flies, and Student World Online said goodbye to both of our interns after three weeks. Whilst we were sorry to see them go, we're glad to see they had such good times with us. Before she left, Madeleine wrote...

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Top 10 Global Universities Under 50: QS University Ranking 2016-2017

THE top spots in most annual global university rankings, whether in a particular academic subject or overall, are usually dominated by highly established institutions that are already household names: Oxbridge and the Ivy...

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