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The 5 Best Things about Studying Advertising Design...

When students find a course they like, they will often want to tell everyone about it! We asked Emily Owen what she likes about her Advertising Design course at the University of South Wales...  When people ask...

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Skills for the Next Industrial Revolution (And the...

AS Bob Dylan once sang, ‘the times they are a-changing’ and technology is changing faster than ever before. It was recently discovered that robots can be as smart as the academics that programme them: “simulated...

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Funny Theses: Answers to Questions Nobody Asked

OSCAR Wilde once said that “you can never be overdressed or overeducated.” Whilst we might argue that all of us have felt overdressed at some point in our lives, it would be hard to argue you could be overeducated....

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A Quick Guide to Study Visas in Canada

Official figures show that an increasing number of foreign students are choosing Canada as their go-to destination for university education. This is no surprise, as Canada offers a very high standard of living and, according...

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From Jitterbug to Travel Bug: 8 Songs to Make You...

MUSIC can make you do a lot of things; it can make you smile, it can make you cry or even laugh, and it can also make you want to travel. Some songs just remind you of a particular country – perhaps you heard it for...

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Memorials Around the World: Remembering Members of...

REMEMBERING members of the armed forces who have died in the line of duty is a time-honoured tradition in many countries and official commemorative events began in 1919, after World War I. For most countries in the Commonwealth,...

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Student Life


5 Must-See Films That Explain Canada to International...

MUCH of Canada’s presence in the cinematic industry is due to American studios filming in Canadian locations. The beautiful vistas make Canada an ideal locale for movies such as The Incredible Hulk (set in NYC, shot...

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Latest Film Reviews - Allied, Fantastic Beasts and...

What a month it's been for the world of film! Harry Potter fans finally got to see J.K. Rowling's new creation Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, plus all the other releases this month were completely mind...

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The Next Step When You Graduate: Gap Year or Grad...

WITH the burden of a loan round their neck that could rival that of an albatross it’s no wonder that so many graduates rush into work - only to find doing something they’re not interested in is not the answer....

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The Horizon 2020 Project: Funding for the Future

Everything Begins with an Idea... Earl Nightingale Students have brilliant, innovative ideas more often than we might think. They come up with concepts which, if put into practice, could harness impressive societal,...

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5 Great UK Scholarships for Ethiopian Students

THERE is a lot of opportunity for people to study abroad in the 21st century, and who wouldn’t want take up the opportunity to experience new cultures, lifestyles and people? If you’re an Ethiopian student dreaming...

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5 Top Sports Scholarships in the UK

ARE you an athlete? Have you always been interested in sports and excelled at one in particular? If so, you will find that many universities in the UK offer sports scholarships for those who have a good level in their sport...

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Becoming a Dentist: 3 Things you Should Know About...

LET'S face it... most of us were scared of visits to the dentist when we were children, but this doesn't seem to have affected our choices later on in life. Studies show that an increasing number of international...

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WATCH THIS: The Internet of Moving Things

APPLICATIONS for the EU Women Innovators Award 2017 began on 13th September. Currently, women make up only 30% of all entrepreneurs in Europe, and this award aims to highlight the achievements of female entrepreneurs....

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Student Life Hacks: How to Kick-Start Your Career...

LIKE many students, for me university was about learning exciting new things, doing my assignments and getting good grades at the end of it. It took a lot of hard work and dedication (as well as some very late nights, coffee...

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Kate Istead

5 Must-See Films That Explain Canada to International Students

MUCH of Canada’s presence in the cinematic industry is due to American studios filming in Canadian locations. The beautiful vistas make Canada an ideal locale for movies such as The Incredible Hulk (set in NYC, shot...

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