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    5 ways to reduce stress when going back to university

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5 effective ways to improve memory retention

Struggling to remember information? Don't panic! It's hard to internalise all your studying. These tips below will help you to improve your memory retention and allow you to succeed over your exam period.    Review...

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5 Time Management Techniques for Exam Day

The festivities may be over but do not despair - if you have exams coming up we have a series of guides to help you through the stressful exam season. Here are the best techniques for exam day and how you can prepare yourself...

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Getting to know UK culture

FOR students preparing to travel from the other side of the world to the UK to begin their studies, there may be a little trepidation over whether the country will be an ideal place to settle in. Whole websites and books...

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My favourite spot in London

PARTICULARLY interesting is The London Particular. A haven for some of best brunch bowls, delicious hot chocolates and a beautifully quaint interior that is a step away from bright lights and avocado on toast hot spots you...

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Istanbul: a tale of two continents

ISTANBUL'S central role in world history is beyond dispute and the city which was once the capital city of two of the world history's largest empires still plays a role as the unmatched hub of Turkey's economic...

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Dublin is now officially an international city

WHEN it comes to Dublin, there's plenty of mundane talk of tax arrangements and new-fangled financial furniture switching among the many major corporations which have made Dublin home to some of the best jobs and opportunities...

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Student Life


First Days at Bishop Grosseteste

MY experience at Bishop Grosseteste University so far has been astounding! The moment I stepped on campus that quiet night of September 26, I knew I had found a home away from home. A member of the International Office received...

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What are the best ways to settle in to uni life?

MOVING abroad to study is surely one of the most worthwhile challenges and biggest opportunities anyone could hope to have. It can expand your horizons beyond what you thought possible. You may decide to settle in the country...

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20 things that happened in 2017: a review

2017 has been a busy year. Across the world, we have witnessed significant political events, breakthrough advancements in science and technology and some unfortunate disasters. This is our round-up of the most important...

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The best resources for funding education and where...

FOR most of us, gone are the days of free education. As tuition costs increase and entrance requirements become more competitive, finding available funding for university is increasingly important to a larger portion of...

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European Scholarships: what you need to know for 2018

STUDYING in a foreign country is expensive, however,  some organisations provide scholarships so students can accomplish their dreams of becoming a professional. Getting a scholarship is a huge aid for the...

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Unusual UK scholarships

 Why not opt to spend more time in the library than at a part-time job? STAYING afloat financially whilst at university can be challenging, stressful and at times seemingly impossible. Getting a part-time job...

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Are you a future political leader?

WE couldn't blame politics students currently surveying the West's political challenges for wondering whether a career in public life is really worth it. There's precious little positive news, and even less rational...

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Make the best of work experience - make it part of...

THERE'S no doubt that work experience, alongside academic credentials, helps make up the mind of employers in your favour when you're applying for your dream career in your preferred industry. Many students who want...

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Disruptive technology: Business leaders of the future...

THE multifaceted potential of disruptive technology cannot be overstated – these are new technological innovations which will affect not only the bottom line of every business but whole societies and the health, wealth...

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Moses Gundu Aza

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Moses Gundu Aza

First Days at Bishop Grosseteste

MY experience at Bishop Grosseteste University so far has been astounding! The moment I stepped on campus that quiet night of September 26, I knew I had found a home away from home. A member of the International Office received...

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