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    10 things you need to know about Edindurgh

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    University of Bristol

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    5 ways to reduce stress when going back to university

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    What Canadian Scholarships are on offer for 2017/18

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    Chiropractic A global career

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    Virtual Reality Careers The key to the door

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Paramedical Science

Why are courses leading to work as a paramedic so popular? Paramedical Science was rated among the top 6 most popular course choices, according to the Complete University Guide. So what is it, and why do people...

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Crying out for new talent - Big Data and the InfoSec...

Big Data has revolutionised the world around us, but our data needs to be kept safely Big Data As citizens of Western countries, we've become desensitized to the monthly newsflashes about the latest massive...

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What is actuarial science?

YOU'RE probably not the only one scratching your head in response to this question. That’s why in this article, we attempt to explain all you need to know behind actuarial science, the intelligent application...

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Greece: Three reasons you should consider it for your...

Greece is too often left underexplored by holidaymakers Greece is a classic summer holiday destination for a lot of Europeans and it's easy to see why - amazing reliable weather, beautiful coasts, lovely fresh...

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London's foodie hotspots

Borough Market is London's oldest food market Borough Market Perhaps the most famous of all London’s food markets and certainly the oldest having served Londoners for 1,000 years, the market located across...

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Why Ankara is a global cultural hotspot

One common mistake made by those not familiar with Turkey is to assume that Istanbul is the capital of the country. This is surely forgivable, considering that Istanbul is the former imperial capital and a former jewel in...

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Student Life


Become a Student World contributor!

New spots are available for voluntary student contributors. Whether your passion is for writing, for visual storytelling or for documentary, we can offer you the opportunity to get your voice heard by our 100,000+...

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Black History Month: Why you should care

OCTOBER is Black History month in the UK. It has been for the past 30 years. It is held to highlight and celebrate the achievements and contributions of the black community. It aims to address the inequality by celebrating...

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Seven articles to help you survive your first few...

We've been publishing lots of articles to help make your start at uni as easy and successful as possible, but it can be hard to keep track of all that advice so we've compiled this handy list of all our top tips....

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Unusual UK scholarships

 Why not opt to spend more time in the library than at a part-time job? Staying afloat financially whilst at university can be challenging, stressful and at times seemingly impossible. Getting a part-time job...

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What Canadian Scholarships are on offer for 2017/18?

As the number of international students flocking to Canada grows, so will the number of scholarships available. Here is a list of some undergraduate, masters-level and doctorate scholarships available for international students...

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International Student Scholarships in the US

QUICK LINK! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE! CAPPEX: American Scholarships matches international students with U.S. colleges and scholarships. Getting started is easy. Just fill out some basic information and get your scholarship...

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Working for a start up: everything you need to know

Working at a corporation isn't for everyone Taking on a role at a startup can be a hugely exciting opportunity, full of hands-on activity and the ability to learn plenty along the job. But it can also have its...

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What roles can postgraduate engineers choose from?

If you’re an undergraduate and still under the impression that engineering involves trudging around muddy building sites wearing a hard hat and a neon jacket, I think I may have a bridge to sell you. The truth is that...

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8 Cool Careers after Studying Engineering

NO two engineering courses are alike, nor are the careers that come out of your time studying engineering at university. While the world may think a job in engineering is simple, repetitive or boring, that is definitely...

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Becca Fadden

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Becca Fadden

Unusual UK scholarships

 Why not opt to spend more time in the library than at a part-time job? Staying afloat financially whilst at university can be challenging, stressful and at times seemingly impossible. Getting a part-time job...

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