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Renewable Energy Science - Degree Courses for the...

As the world’s supply of fossil fuels dwindles, the world of science is working on a way to provide the electricity and fuel we need. With no short-term solution to the energy crisis, a career in renewable energy would...

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5 Incredible Wildlife Conservation Degree Courses

Are you are looking for a career that is both rewarding and exciting? Of course you are! And taking a degree in wildlife conservation would be a good start. If you like to mix practical skills with scientific theory and...

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What is Environmental Management (and Where Can I...

How do you like the sound of a career that benefits the world and your bank account? Well, look no further – a degree in environmental management, environmental studies or sustainability development will give you...

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10 Good Reasons to Study in California

Few people need convincing when it comes to discussing California’s sun-seeker credentials – but have you considered it for your study abroad destination? The state of California in the US is famously cultural,...

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My Student City - Kingston, Ontario

Colin Paterson, originally from British Columbia in Canada, studied his undergraduate degree in Drama & Philosophy at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. What did you love about Kingston? Kingston has...

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Should I Study in Berkeley, California?

University of California, Berkeley (Cal for short) is one of the foremost public research institutions in United States, and was ranked as the eighth best university in the world in 2015. The campus is built into the Berkeley...

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Student Life


10 Essential Online Tools for International Students

Students often find it difficult to redesign their lifestyle when they find themselves on alien soil. The system of education and local traditions may be different from their own. This situation is familiar to any international...

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Life After University: Stuck in a Bad Job

So what if, after all that effort, all that switching direction, and all that self-esteem crushing rejection, you finally get a job offer? You optimistically accept, show up full of ideas, keen to work hard and eager to...

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5 Surprising Benefits of Joining a Student Society

There are plenty of universities in the world, and within them, an enormous number of societies. Societies are an excellent place to make friends, meet likeminded people and stop you from sitting around in your room all...

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8 Great Scholarships for Brazilian Students

Studying abroad bears a hefty price tag, especially when it comes to studying in countries such as the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia. To overcome this financial barrier, scholarships are the best way to relieve the burden...

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10 Awesome Scholarships for Latin American Students

Considering the international audience here at Student World Online, another article about the many benefits of studying abroad is no doubt preaching to the choir. But as great as an experience studying abroad is, it is...

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Want a Sports Scholarship? Read This First!

Deciding which university to attend is a difficult decision at the best of times. So many variables factor into a choice that will have a major impact on the trajectory of your life. What is the academic reputation of...

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The Happiest Graduate Jobs in the UK?

As you are starting your final year of university the dissertation, research and final exams that lie before you may take most of your energies. But it is also important to look beyond graduation and start thinking about...

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How to Survive a New York Internship

Spending a summer in New York can undoubtedly be the experience of a lifetime, a one in a million opportunity - all the clichés aptly apply. The experience can be an eye-opening one and you will learn as much about...

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Getting into Intellectual Property (IP) Law

Thinking of studying or pursuing a career in IP law? Matthew Tomlinson, lecturer at The University of Law (ULaw), completed an undergraduate degree in International Business and Modern Languages. After some time working...

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Francesca Turauskis

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Francesca Turauskis

The Happiest Graduate Jobs in the UK?

As you are starting your final year of university the dissertation, research and final exams that lie before you may take most of your energies. But it is also important to look beyond graduation and start thinking about...

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