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Top Universities for Game Design in London, Los Angeles...

The gaming industry is a lucrative one – in fact, it’s so lucrative that my finger gets tired from typing out the amount of 0s that come after its monetary value...let’s just say it’s in the billions....

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You Can't Study at Hogwarts - But You Can Study This!

We were saddened to hear of the death of British actor Alan Rickman last week. Rickman was a strong supporter of further education, and drama schools in particular. He graduated from RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art)...

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6 Writing Short Courses to Kick-Start Your Creativity

It may not surprise you that I believe writing is one of the most interesting and fulfilling activities you can do. It is a passion that you can always find time for, even in the busiest of schedules, and you can always...

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Oxford University's Diversity Problem - What You Need...

OXFORD University has a long history of intellectual prowess, scientific discovery, and academic prestige. Recently, though, it seems that the school’s reputation could be under threat. The elite university has been...

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10 Most Exciting Student Cities You Won’t Want to...

According to the QS University guide, Paris is the best city for students to study in – and you can imagine why. Great institutions, cultural brilliance and bistros are scattered among the French capital, but the nightlife...

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Aberystwyth University on the road in India &...

A representative from Aberystwyth University will be traveling to Asia this month and February to meet with prospective students. A leading Welsh university set in the beautiful coastal city of Aberystwyth, the university...

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Student Life


8 Ways to Do Winter Better as a Student

It’s cold, dark, and gloomy. You have more university assignments and exams than you’d care to think about and not enough time to do them. You might have dissertation deadlines ahead of you, a long stretch of...

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Got the Munchies? How to Find Free Food at University

Everyone loves a freebie, especially so when said freebie is edible and delicious. Finding food when it’s being dished out for nothing is every student’s dream, especially when budgets are already stretched for...

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Top Student Tech for 2016

Getting the most out of the new technologies that are available is one of the most helpful things you can do as a student - you’ll thank yourself later when your phone is constantly full of charge and your note-taking...

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6 Inspiring Scholarships for Malaysian Students

Malaysia is developing into a hub of industry, commerce and economy. As the country becomes more international, it is expanding in the sectors of science, tourism and commerce. This development means that Malaysia is also...

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8 Great Scholarships for Brazilian Students

Studying abroad bears a hefty price tag, especially when it comes to studying in countries such as the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia. To overcome this financial barrier, scholarships are the best way to relieve the burden...

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10 Awesome Scholarships for Latin American Students

Considering the international audience here at Student World Online, another article about the many benefits of studying abroad is no doubt preaching to the choir. But as great as an experience studying abroad is, it is...

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Right Here, Right Now: Top Media and Journalism Internships

If you fancy dipping your toe in the journalism waters, or want to dive head first into the media sea, you might want to start off with an internship. There are so many to choose from so you’re bound to find something...

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5 Things I Learned as an Intern...that Helped Me Get...

So it turns out, fellow graduates, that it’s not as simple as we first thought, this whole getting employed malarkey. We can’t just sit around and wait for our dream job to come knocking and we certainly can’t...

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The Pros and Cons of Contract Work for Graduates

When it comes to seeking out a job, many have a tendency to favour permanent positions and avoid even looking at contract roles. Considering many companies, in all sectors, are turning toward the practice of offering delimited...

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Amy Murnan - Editor

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Amy Murnan - Editor

Oxford University's Diversity Problem - What You Need to Know

OXFORD University has a long history of intellectual prowess, scientific discovery, and academic prestige. Recently, though, it seems that the school’s reputation could be under threat. The elite university has been...

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