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Online Degrees vs Traditional Degrees: 8 Differences...

IT’S no secret – online degrees are huge. They are rising in popularity around the world, and fast. Their accessibility and flexible learning options make them attractive for all kinds of people, from mature...

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3 Steps to Become an Architect in the UK

ARCHITECTURE is one of the most cross-discipline careers you can find. Only those with a creative mind can design buildings from scratch, but architecture also needs meticulous mathematics and precise science. And on top...

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6 Cheapest Places to Study Law on the QS World Ranking

IT’S that time of year again! At the start of spring a vast array of law students, graduates, lecturers and employers alike take to the internet to find out where their university (present or future) scores on the...

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Netherlands vs UK: 8 Pros and Cons of Study in Holland

IT goes without saying that choosing a university is a pretty big deal. Most likely, it’s the first major decision you’re making in your adult life and you may feel a great deal of pressure to make the right...

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5 Cheap Places to Study Medicine in Europe

GOING to university isn’t exactly the cheapest of choices, especially not when you do a medicine course and you’re studying all the ins and outs for the best part of a decade. However, as is always the case with...

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Why Study in Munich? Let's Ask a Student

WANT to know why people study in Munich? Holly is a Languages student from the University of Manchester who spent a semester in Germany. We've asked her what is (and isn't) so great about living in Munich. What...

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Student Life


Is Studying Abroad Dangerous? 4 Real Things to Consider

IN the past year, every continent on our planet has been met with difficulty. It’s becoming a tough world out there and with the ever presence threat of terrorism, disease, discrimination and crime, it’s easy...

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10 Tools All Academic Writers Should Know

WHEN was the last time you wrote an academic article and thought, “that was so easy”? It probably wasn’t recently. Academic writing is tremendously rewarding, but it comes with its share of difficulties....

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8 Famous Bands That Met at University

BECOMING famous with a record deal and avid fans is often the ultimate goal for bands, and you might be keen to get straight into making music straight out of school. But, if you are thinking of deciding between higher education...

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Tata Scholarship: 7 Essential Things to Know Before...

FOR Indian students, there is nothing more prestigious than the Tata Scholarship. Now, almost 5,000 individuals are proud to call themselves ‘Tata Scholars’. It’s a highly sought after award, so how do...

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4 Scholarships for Mexican Students in the USA

ARE you a Mexican student looking forward to studying in the USA? If so, any student can take advantage of the many scholarships that different bodies and institutions offer. Here we have selected a few of them for you in...

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7 Scholarships for Egyptian and North African Students

SCHOLARSHIPS can literally change lives. If you’re an Egyptian or North African student concerned that you won’t be able to afford university, this is particularly true. Fortunately, there are plenty of scholarships...

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Pros and Cons of Graduate Schemes

WHAT will you do when you finish your studies at university? Either you will fund your own company or, more commonly, you will start looking for a graduate job in your field of choice. Usually, this is not an easy task....

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Pros and Cons of Working for a Start Up After Graduating

THE moment you finish your university degree it will be the time to start looking for a job. Many new graduates go to work for well-established corporations, but, lately, there is a trend of working for a start-up company,...

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5 Paid Finance Internships in Europe

FINANCE can be a very rewarding career path for those of you who have studied management or business studies. Besides, there are a lot of jobs in finance! As always, however, there is a lot of competition to find a good...

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Amy Murnan - Editor

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Amy Murnan - Editor

Online Degrees vs Traditional Degrees: 8 Differences Explained

IT’S no secret – online degrees are huge. They are rising in popularity around the world, and fast. Their accessibility and flexible learning options make them attractive for all kinds of people, from mature...

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