University lecturers stand as Green MEPs

17th May 2014

THREE university lecturers who are standing in the European elections star in a new series of short films aimed at “breaking the mould of boring political talking heads.”

The films allow UK voters to get to know the people behind the political messages and give an insight into the personality, motivation and inspiration of the candidates.

Molly Scott Cato, professor of Strategy and Sustainability at Roehampton University in London; Peter Cranie, a lecturer in Social Care at West Lancashire College; and Rupert Read, Reader in Philosophy at the University of East Anglia, are all standing for the UK's Green Party.


Green Party Euro Elections 2014: Keith Taylor from Martin Atkin on Vimeo.

“I love teaching and it’s really important, but I decided it wasn’t enough to think about how to change society and change the world - I actually had to try to do it.” says Rupert Read.

“People are tired of political stereotypes, of grey men in grey suits relentlessly repeating the party mantra,” says Chris Luffingham, National Campaigns Director for the Green party of England and Wales. “We wanted to give voters the opportunity to see that our candidates are real people who are passionate about making Europe a better place.”

In the six films, candidates talk candidly about what inspired them to get into politics, what gets them fired up and why they are willing to stick their heads above the parapet. Shot on locations across England, they combine the public and private characters of the would-be MEPs.

“The Green Party wanted a fresh, creative approach which would engage a wide variety of audiences and reach beyond their core supporter base,” says Martin Atkin of Funnelweb Media, who produced and directed the videos. “I think we succeeded in capturing the candidates as real people who are genuinely motivated to do the best they can for the people they represent.”

“Most politicians are wary of letting their guard down and saying what they really think. The brief was to show that Green Party candidates are individuals with real lives, real passion and real commitment.”

The films feature two Green MEPs seeking re-election - Jean Lambert (London) and Keith Taylor (South East), and four candidates hoping to get elected for the first time - Andrew Cooper (Yorkshire and Humber), Molly Scott Cato (South West), Rupert Read (Eastern) Peter Cranie (North West). Voting takes place on May 22.

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