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Queen Margaret University (QMU)
Queen Margaret University (QMU)

Key Facts

Our postgraduate courses can help you change direction or enable you to progress in your current field.

We offer flexible study options and a mix of classroom-based and online learning.

Our activities in knowledge exchange, consultancy, research, and scholarship keeps our teaching up to date and at the cutting edge of our disciplines.

We have over 100 staff members from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

QMU offers a friendly campus based learning environment where a creative and entrepreneurial community of learners can thrive.

Our innovative learning and teaching methods will enhance the student experience and better prepare students for the workplace.

QMU is recognised for its outstanding commitment to educating the leaders of tomorrow.

Our research and knowledge exchange activities have real social, economic, and cultural impact, and do influence local, regional, national and international policy. 

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  Facebook: QueenMargaretUniversity
  Twitter: @QMUniversity
  Youtube: /user/QMUniversity
  Instagram: qmuni

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