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University of Wales Trinity Saint David

BEng Motorcycle Engineering

BEng Motorcycle Engineering

Duration: 3 years full time

Start date: September each year

The University has a long history of involvement in motorcycle education. The skills you will gain on this course are completely transferrable to the wider automotive engineering industry which also provides an outstanding career path for many of our graduates.

The BEng Motorcycle Engineering programme is intended to provide you with a thorough grounding in mechanical engineering science and its application to design and the solution of a range of engineering problems in the context of the motorsport engineering industry. Specialist areas of study including advanced competition engine design and competition vehicle dynamics will enable you to focus on areas of specialist interest that can be developed in the Group and Major Project modules. Within many of the modules the course considers the environmental aspects of design and technology which are transferable to a broad range of employment opportunities.

The Core Engineering Theme with subjects such as Maths, Thermodynamics, Mechanics and Structures is introduced in Year 1, developed in Year 2 with Thermofluid Mechanics and Engineering Structural Design and then explored in greater depth in Year 3 with Stress Analysis and Advanced Computational Methods.

The Design Theme starts in Year 1 with CAED, and is then developed in Year 2 with Computational Methods and the Group project leading into Advanced Computational Methods and the Major Project in Year 3.

Finally the Applied Technology Theme moves through Motorcycle Technology in Year 1, though Motorcycle Dynamics and Engine Performance in Year 2 to Advanced Motorcycle Dynamics and Motorcycle Research and Development in Year 3.  Although not a theme in itself, Engineering Management, introduced in Year 2, underpins a successful approach to both the Group and Major Projects.


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