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The 5 Best Things about Studying Advertising Design at USW

1st December 2016 Posted by: Emily Owen

WHEN students find a course they like, they will often want to tell everyone about it! We asked Emily Owen what she likes about her Advertising Design course at the University of South Wales... 

When people ask me what degree I’m studying and I tell them Advertising Design, you can imagine it causes quite a bit of confusion. Most people haven’t even heard of Advertising Design, let alone know you can do a degree in it! That’s because my degree is not very common; Advertising Design at the University of South Wales is one of only a few specialist courses offered in the UK, and is worlds apart from your average degree.

My course is different, and different is good

Forget countless essays, forget falling asleep in lecture theatres, and lose the exam stress: I experience none of these. That’s because in Advertising Design, the course focuses on developing your skills and letting your creativity grow. We learn about the theory of advertising alongside workshops, group projects, and talks from agencies. We’re also set what’s called ‘live briefs’ from real companies, so we can learn what is expected of us in the real world of work.

It develops your communication skills

What’s the point in having knowledge if you can’t share it with someone? As part of my degree, we regularly have to pitch our ideas to others, as part of a small group or in front of a large number of people. This has massively improved my confidence; I now feel comfortable talking to someone new or having to explain my ideas to a group of people to receive feedback.

The job prospects when you finish (or even during!)

How many times have you heard that so-and-so has just finished their degree and doesn’t have a clue what to do next? One of the things I love about my course is the success of those who complete it. We regularly have guest speakers from well-known brands set us tasks, and we get to know them on a personal level. We also get help to gain internship placements, so at the end of it we have had experience and know the right people. Seems much better than finishing your degree and being left to face the big bad world by yourself!

The small class sizes

Because it’s a specialised degree in a very competitive industry, only a small amount of applicants get onto the course from the interview stage. That means I’m now in a class of roughly 30 people, which is a bit like being back in school; everyone knows each other’s name and we even have a class clown!

It’s creative but with a purpose

 “There are no careers in the artistic industry” was all I ever heard when I started considering a creative future. My degree has proved that’s totally wrong; I’ve encountered so many new opportunities since starting this degree that wouldn’t have even crossed my mind had I taken a more academic subject. There’s always going to be a need for people in the advertising business, and even more so as social media begins to grow.

If Emily has inspired you, head to the University of South Wales' profile to find out more and contact them.


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