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On the rise: International Student Applications in Canada

2nd August 2017 Posted by: Kate Istead

CANADA is becoming increasingly popular with international students, with some institutions seeing more than a 25% increase in both applications and admissions.

The University of Toronto | Student World Online
The University Toronto

The University of Alberta has seen an increase of approximately 82% in graduate applications from students abroad and a 27% increase in the number of international students accepting admission offers. The University of Toronto has seen a similar increase; twice as many American students have accepted an offer this year over last. This trend holds true even at smaller, less globally known schools, such as Brock University in Ontario, where numbers of international students are expected to grow 133% in the upcoming fall term.


Why is Canada becoming more attractive to international students?

The rise in international students in Canada is by design. The new Canadian government, headed up by the Liberal Party since October 2015, is aiming to reshape Canadian demographics in response to Canada’s aging population and slowing birthrate. It is doing this in part by promoting international student education in Canada. In November 2016, the federal government made it easier for international students to become citizens through its electronic immigration-selection system. Bill C-6, introduced in February 2017, repeals many of the former governments’ attempts to curb immigration. Under the previous laws, time spent in Canada as a student couldn’t be counted towards a citizenship application. However, the new legislation means 50% of the time spent in Canada as student can count towards the physical residency requirement and reduces the residency requirement from four out of the previous six years to three out of the previous five years.

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Has Trump made the US less desirable for college students?

Some have also suggested that the jump in international applicants has to do with the political climate of isolationism that has been increasing in the US and Europe. A recent Red Brick Research study found that 73% of EU students said Trump's Presidency made the United States a less desirable place to attend college. By contrast, In addition to having a reputation for quality education, Canada is seen as safe country with a tolerant and non-discriminatory society, making life here particularly attractive to citizens of countries experiencing political upheaval.

Why study in Canada?

Other than the political, educational and potential citizenship benefits that come with studying in Canada, there are a number of great reasons for international students to apply to study at a Canadian university. With a society built on multiculturalism – more than 200 ethnic origins were reported in the 2011 National Household Survey – a student from any other country is likely to find a small piece of home no matter what Canadian city they end up in. The diversity of Canada’s people is matched by its diversity of landscape and has 20 different ecozones to explore and call home. As the world’s most reputable country, why wouldn’t you want to study here?

Mountain Lake Canada | Student World Online
Mountain Lake 

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