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10 culture shocks for international students in Australia

16th August 2017 Posted by: Nina Napier - Editor

INTERNATIONAL students are choosing Australia as an option for study - but what will they face a culture shock once they get there? Take a look this fun list to explain Australian culture and what to look out for! 

1. BBQ is soooo popular.

2. Drivers will slow down and wait at a zebra crossing even if there is just one guy approaching who looks like he might want to cross. 


3. Stores close really early - 5pm on weekdays and 8pm at weekends


4. Bottled water is more expensive than milk.


5. Drivers hardly ever blow the horn on the street even if there is a huge traffic jam.

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6. It seems like everyone goes to the gym and is in good shape. 

7. Holidays are holidays. You don't have to make up the days you took off by working an extra shift on weekends.


8. It's ok to be nice to bus drivers.


9. There are animals and bugs EVERYWHERE


Photography; Posing kangaroo by Tambako the Jaguar Slideshow image: marine stinger warning sign by Andrew J Cosgriff 


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