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Three reasons you should consider Berlin as your student city

20th June 2018 Posted by: Student World Online

BERLIN has long been considered one of the great cities for short city breaks, getaways with friends or even a partying capital, but it's already a place which students flock to from across the world to live and study in. 

Read our four reasons to seriously consider Berlin below... 

A liberal-minded and international city

Germany's capital city has a long reputation, at least for the last fifty years, of being a liberal and open city where international finds a welcoming culture. 

Much like Amsterdam, much is done to make sure that life for Berliners is as civilised as possible, with plenty of public parks and green spaces which Berliners take advantage of to enjoy the good weather during the Spring and Summer months. 

The fact that there are so many artists from international backgrounds settling here tells us all we need to know, but we think it's often a good sign of a liberally-minded city.

The cost of living is reasonable 

It's fair to say that the cost of living in Berlin hasn't quite caught up with its status as one of the coolest places to live in Europe. 

Whereas London, Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona are markedly more expensive in part due to their status as fashionable places to live, Berlin is still reasonable. 

Although rents are increasing quite quickly, the costs of eating out, nightclubs and other living costs simply don't bear comparison with the prices you'll be asked to pay in London, for example. 

Fascinating history

For much of the 20th Century, Berlin sat at the border between entirely different but extremely powerful societies. 

The Berlin Wall was broken in 1989, setting off seismic change across firstly Eastern Europe and then the wider world. 

As you would expect, the time spent in this position on the faultline between the capitalist West and communist East has left contrasting architecture, contrasting neighbourhoods and the last remnants of the old communist regime. 

The textured and layered modern history accessible to anyone living in Berlin is quite simply unmatched anywhere else in Europe, especially when it comes to events which were only 30 years ago. 



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