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How to protect yourself against crime whilst at University

30th August 2017 Posted by: Anwen Roys

MOVING out and going to Uni is exciting and will open up a whole new world of possibilities. However, now that you’re out in the world it is important to think about your safety, too. Whilst there’s no reason to be scared, being vigilant might get you out of some sticky situations.

Keep your social media as private as possible

It’s tempting to advertise when you and your new mates are leaving halls for a night out, and there’s no doubt it’ll get you a lot of Facebook likes. However, this can also be incredibly attractive to potential thieves who would jump at the chance to raid an empty flat. At the very least, try and keep location services off if you’ll be out for the whole evening.

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Get cash out during the day rather than after dark

Try and plan ahead and think about when you’ll need cash, and get it out during the day if possible. If you do have to withdraw money at night, take a friend with you, go to somewhere well-light, like a service station, and make sure you don’t withdraw too much. Keep it to what you need for the night.

Get to know the bus routes and keep a taxi number on you

Invest some time at the beginning of term in working out how you could get home if you find yourself alone after dark after a particularly heavy library session. Try and keep your phone charged so you can call a taxi if you need to. There may be nothing to worry about, but it’s best to err on the side of caution and try not to walk home alone.

Student World Online | Tips to stay safe

Lock things up

It might seem excessive, but lock your windows (after having moved your valuables out of sight) and even the door to your room. Nobody’s saying that your new housemates are out to get you, but if anyone does manage to get into the flat, you’ll be glad you took that extra 30 seconds. Also, if you have a bike, lock it up- they’re the number one target for opportunists, not to mention expensive to replace.

Student World Online | Tips to stay safe

Be alert

Without trying to scaremonger, it is important to be aware of your surroundings so you can react appropriately. Look confident, walk with your head up rather than looking down at your phone. This has two advantages- you aren’t showing off an expensive gadget and you’ll notice if something strange is going on. If you think you’re being followed, cross the street and head to the nearest area with lots of people- be that a shop, pub, or a park. Call the police if you notice anything suspicious.

Don’t let this information worry you - University is by and large safe and there are plenty of measures in place to protect the security of students, but it’s always beneficial to take these extra steps just in case. Have fun and stay safe!



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