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7 Fun (But Useful) Part Time Jobs for Students

23rd June 2016 Posted by: Cristina Radulescu

IF there’s anything I’ve learned in the past year is the importance of doing what you love. This is the sort of thing that everyone says, but how many people actually listen to their own advice? I’ve witnessed to so many university graduates who got caught up in certain career trends imposed by their degrees who realised – after working so hard to get their ‚dream job’ - that it made them miserable.

Having a strong set of transferable skills is undobutably important. But the experience you gain them from doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else’s. As a matter of fact, graduate employers always appreciate candidates who think outside the box. They normally sift through dozens of applications in one sitting and if you really want to stand out, you ought to have something that makes for an interesting read. That’s why finding a fun part time job under your belt, that also gives you real experience, is a great idea for students.

Here are some of the most interesting part time jobs for students:

1. Crossword puzzle writer

You may just skim over them in the Sunday Times, but crossword puzzles are (still!) the second most popular sections of newspapers today - after the sports’ page. More often than not they are provided by freelance contributors so,if you think you have a broad vocabulary and you’re keen on getting a part time job, why not give it a go? Here is some insight on how to get started.

Crossword puzzle writer sounds like an odd job choice, but in fact it does develop your ability to be more organised and solve problems more creatively. There’s even the potential of making a career out of it if you’re looking for something easy-going and intellectually stimulating.

2. Video-game tester

For anybody who’s even mildly tech-savy, this is the dream! Who hasn’t spent hours playing FIFA or COD wishing that somebody would be paying them? Well, that dream can now become a reality.

Video-game producers such as EA or Sony admit that there’s a long testing period between when a game is created and when it’s put on the market. This is why they are always looking for people to test and improve different facets of a game so that it reaches its highest potential when it hits the shelves. This sort of job not only improves IT skills but it’s also incredibly fun and pays quite well, even on a part time basis – a great option for students. Check out the EA website for more informations on how to apply.

3. Tour Guide

Becoming a part time tour guide is one of those jobs that sounds off-putting because it gives the impression that all people do is repeat the same information over and over to a group of more-or less interested individuals. However, this is not always the case!

Tour guides in stately homes or museums are becoming increasngly saught-after, especially during the summer tourist season, and it’s the type of part time job students usually enjoy. In some locations, it involves guiding a tour dressed up as a character in order to give tourists a more authentic feel of the time or place your describing. Students who’ve taken up this job say that there’s hardly a dull moment because they have a lot of creative autonomy with regards to how they wish to portray their character.

So why not give it a whirl? You may enjoy putting your own twist on Mrs. Hudson at the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

4. Ice-cream/Chocolate/Sweet taster

This is one of those jobs that you used to dream about when you were a child. In the meantime you may have turned into a down-to-earth person, but the job is still out there!

Household names like Cadbury or Nestle have teams of people who are required to taste batches of sweets, chocolate or ice-cream in order to make sure that they live up to a certain standards. Although most of the production process itself is highly mechanised, when it comes to establishing whether a chocolate bar has the exact amount of chocolate filling or the apporpriate texture, there’s no better judge than somebody just like me or you.

Also, don’t be put off from applying, thinking that you don’t have any previous experience and merely a sweet tooth. All companies provide training  for all tasters so that they can exercise their palet and understand what they are tasting.

5. Lifeguard

If you’re a good swimmer this can be your ideal part time job! Personally, I know a lot of sports-oriented students who got their start as lifeguards and they don’t regret making that decision. It’s a job that requires a lot of physical ability, stamina and responsability, but at the same time it’s really fun and the lifeguard community is very tight-knit and friendly.

I asked a close friend who spent every summer during university being a lifeguard – he said, ‚It makes you feel like the king of the castle! You’re up there, looking after everyone. It’s humbling and powerful at the same time.’ Well said!

6. Luxury mattress tester

This part time job sounds almost too good to be true, but you are indeed paid to sleep in different beds around the world.

Hotels such as the Savoy and the Hilton hire a small number of students for a period of six months to travel to their different establishments around the world and ensure that the beds their guests will be sleeping in are as confortable as possible. The job entails sleeping for six hours in a bed and then writing a detailed report about the experience. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it?

Bear in mind that there are not many places available for this enviable position, but it’s always recommended to send in an application.

7. Rollercoaster/Waterslide tester

On the other hand, if you’re an adrenaline-junkie looking to get paid to go on holiday, why not try testing roller coasters and waterslides? It is a brilliant way to spend your time, travelling from one resort to another (sometimes on different continents) making sure that these thrill-rides are as exciting as they should be. Applications are normally received by individual resorts and require a strict physical exam as well as a psychological exam to make sure that you work well in highly stressful situations.

So there you have it - some fun part time jobs for students that can even add some interest to your CV when you graduate.

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