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5 Ways to Prepare for University

26th August 2016 Posted by: Safia Yallaoui

IT'S that time again where millions of people around the world start a new chapter in their lives and embark on the exciting time of studying for what will hopefully bring them a great career. Lots of emotions will be running through your head if you're about to start your first year. It's a fun new adventure but it can also be terrifying until you're settled in. New places, new people, new experiences and more deadlines are all looming but if you're prepared you will feel more excited and could have the time of your life!

1. Research the area

Whether you're travelling far from home or not it's always handy to know what to expect in your new place of study. Check out what shops are around, restaurants, other hot spots and even crime statistics if you want to be more aware. Take a look at pictures online of the area and get a feel for what the culture is like. This way you won't feel so much like a fish out of water when you get there and you'll be able to find your way around much easier.

2. Join the university chat group

This is something I did when I first went to uni and I found it really helpful. When you have completed your sign up for the uni you will get a log in. Most universities will have a chat room, or can put you in touch with other students that will be going onto the same course as you. By doing this you can make friends before you even get to campus and have much less chance of feeling scared and isolated. Just remember everyone else feels the same way as you do, you're not alone!

3. Research the university

You've probably done quite a bit of this already but it's worth going over any questions or concerns you have by going onto the uni website or contacting them. It's also a good idea to take a look at pictures of the campus, find out where the libraries are, maybe even download a map! The more prepared you can be and the more you know about the uni beforehand the more you will feel at home when you get there.

4. Be open minded

University is the start of a wave of new experiences and adventures. It's not all about studying and sometimes the most valuable lessons you learn are from your new friends, sightseeing, nightlife, culture and much more. If you're not used to trying out new things try to be open minded when you arrive on campus because there's more chance you'll get to enjoy what university has to offer and have probably the most fun you've ever had!

5. Learn to budget

Most degrees are expensive as they are without including rent, food, bills and socialising. It's important that you work out a budgeting plan before you leave home, so that you don't blow all of your money in the first month (this happens more often than you think). You probably don't want to phone your parents to lend you money so draw up a table, or a note on your phone, with all of your outgoings and incomings so you can enjoy the money you have leftover.

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