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4 top non-Oxbridge UK universities for medicine

15th January 2019 Posted by: Student World Online

MEDICINE remains, as it always has been, one of the most competitive degree subjects for entrance to university in the UK.

But it’s not simply a case of the best universities overall dominating this marquee subject – if you want to study medicine in the UK, the usual suspects are all there.

There are also some surprises, too.

Take a look below for our short guide to the lesser-known institutions offering medicine, which are also rated very highly among the UK's top universities. 

top uk universities for medicine

Swansea University

Located in the second-largest city in Wales and the 25th-largest city in the UK overall, you’d be forgiven for overlooking Swansea as a destination if your focus in your UK university search is focused on only the largest cities the UK has to offer.

But when it comes to the quality of the Medicine course offered at Swansea University, the eagle-eyed might have noticed it’s rated among the top courses in the whole of the UK.

The course has also been awarded the highest possible rating for the quality of teaching – it’s rated Gold under the UK Teaching Excellence Framework.

One outstanding feature of the Swansea University medicine course is the option to choose one of three ‘Employability’ routes from Medical Science in Practice, Enterprise and Innovation and Medical Science in Research.

This means you’ll be bolstering your CV with practical experience and a good fundamental understanding of medical sciences in real world scenarios.

Swansea University is the top-ranked university in Wales for Medicine, and is ranked 3rd in the whole of the UK by the latest Guardian University Guide 2019.

Queen Mary (University of London)

If having one of the most exciting and fast-developing cultural areas in Europe on your doorstep is important to you for when you are taking time away from studies, then Queen Mary is very hard to beat.

Located in London’s booming East End, straight down London’s Mile End Road from the trendy Brick Lane and directly down the Bethnal Green Road from Shoreditch, there is so much to do with your spare time.

When it comes to the classrooms, labs and lecture theatres medicine students spend so much of their time in, the teaching for Medicine at Queen Mary has been rated Silver under the Teaching Excellence Framework – the second-highest rating possible.

Thirty-two percent of students at Queen Mary are from non-UK backgrounds, so you’ll not only be living in one of the world’s truly international hubs but also have the opportunity to meet fellow students from all over the world.

All of these elements combine to make Queen Mary a solid option for prospective international students aiming to study in the UK, but who also want to lock in truly international life experience, too.

top uk universities for medicine

University of Glasgow

The largest city in Scotland may not host the sheer quality on offer in terms of cultural experiences from the country’s capital Edinburgh, but when it comes to the Medicine course on offer at Glasgow the university’s reputation is simply stellar.

Among students, the University of Glasgow regularly ranks very high in terms of the lifestyle on offer – the city’s West End is picturesque, safe, and there’s plenty of nightlife.

The long-established Medicine courses on offer at Glasgow are rated among the best in the world – the QS World University Rankings rate this subject area at Glasgow’s oldest university as being among the top 50 in the world overall.

The university is also rated among the top ten in the UK, too.

For students armed with the grades necessary to gain entrance to the very top Medicine courses available in the UK, the University of Glasgow is almost a permanent fixture among the most in-demand choices, year after year.

University of Dundee

The city’s art school has been a point of pride for years, but the Medicine course available at Dundee is also now a major strong point for international students who wish to study abroad in the UK.

With a population of around 150,000 the city is not particularly large, but small enough to get to know properly during your time studying there and you’ll be able to commute on foot from most parts of the city you may end up finding accommodation in.

The MBChB Medicine course at the University of Dundee carries a Gold rating for teaching under the UK Teaching Excellence Framework, so you know you’re going to have some of the best teaching available in the UK when you need to answer crucial questions and bolster your understanding of your subject.

According to the respected and influential Guardian Good University Guide, in 2017 the Medicine course at Dundee was rated in the top 5 across the whole of the UK, and took first place in Scotland – no mean feat when you consider that the University of Glasgow and the University of Edinburgh also feature in the list, too.


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