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Work Experience in England: Yes or No?

31st March 2017 Posted by: Student World Online

FOR the past three weeks, the Student World Online office has been the host to two interns from Europe. Lisa-Marie Jauch is an Office Management Assistant from Germany, and when she was offered the opportunity to intern, she had to ask herself – work experience in England: yes or no? 

This is a question I asked myself for a really long time. As long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to do something like this – maybe as an au-pair, working and travelling. But there were always the factors of money, time and bravery and I had no chances to get around these. So I let my wishes and dreams stay in my head and just started to work in my hometown.  But when I started my training as an office management assistant, they told me there is a program where I could go for three weeks to Bristol, do work experience in a company and live with a host family. So I had to ask myself the question again: work experience in England – yes or no? 

I wanted to take this chance, so I asked my teacher for more information about it. I really, really wanted to do it this time, so I told myself “be brave and take this chance”!! When I ended up signing the agreement, so many things were in my head. Good and bad thoughts.

What fears did I have?

My main fear was the language. I had the worry that my English was so bad that no-one would understand me or – much worse – that I would understand no-one. I really thought, “I will sit in my room and cry my eyes off.”

I also wondered if three weeks would be enough: Is it worth it? Can I really improve my English in this short time, or is this just wasting time? Will I enjoy it, or just wish I was back at home?  Will the family I stay with for three weeks be lovely and kind? What if I don`t like them, or if I`m really unhappy about their home and my room and just everything?  Will the company be nice and will I understand my tasks? What if I can`t do what they want me too? What if I don`t like my tasks? I had so many questions. But that could not stop me!

Hopes, wishes and expectations

I really love the idea of speaking fluent English, but in Germany I can never speak English enough to improve my skills. The only way to learn more is to listen. I read English books and watch English TV series and films. So my main reason and main wish is, of course, to improve my English. I also thought this exciting journey will help me grow up; I have to manage my life in a foreign country and this will give me more self-confidence.

I wish to meet new people and maybe make new friends for a lifetime. Because in the future I wish to work in a company where I have to speak English, this work experience is the best way to practice working in English – and of course, this experience will look great on my CV! I also hope to see a lot of the beautiful city of Bristol, and definitely learn more about the English culture and people.

Lisa will be telling us more about her work experience soon. if you would like to get in touch with us, or sign up to our newsletter, click here.


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