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Resources to Help You Survive Your Final Year

9th September 2016 Posted by: Student World Online

LAST year at university is never easy. You are probably on a tight budget and your schedule is cramped with things you have to do before the graduation day. So the extra help in your studies is all too necessary to get you through the courses.

Online resources are very handy in aiding your education effort. They are convenient as well as accessible, and in most cases free to use. Each senior student can use different websites and apps according to their current needs. Subjects covered are extensive and suit every learning style. There are no tools to achieve universally great results, but we have compiled a list of those that impress nearly everyone who tests them out. There are lots of useful links included here, offering ways to keep you afloat and successful in your final year at college.

Paying For Your Course

By the time you reach your last year at university you might have exhausted most of your financial resources. Indeed, paying your way for education is far from easy, but there are resources to offload this burden and help you save money or find financing that suits your budget.

Money Crashers is dedicated to college finances and debunking money myths. Get updated on the current student loan rates, offers, get advice and keep a firm touch on financing to get the best deal.

Saving on Textbooks

As you’ve come to know, a substantial amount of cash goes into paying for textbooks. The vast majority of them you will use only a couple of times and they are likely to end up collecting dust. And when the class is over you will probably get only a fraction of what you paid when selling them. So, what solutions do we have?

BookFinder is the latest addition to the list of book comparison websites. Its main advantage is a searchable inventory of over 150,000 booksellers with a price comparison list. Therefore before you buy a book, remember to search for it via BookFinder.com. You may get a second-hand book for a fraction of the initial price or even get an online version to download to your iPad.

Campus Life

HerCampus is valuable when you want to spend your last year in a dorm or a small apartment shared with your classmates. It provides some essential dorm decor advice and takes a major step to cater interesting decorating ideas, and room organization tips. You can also dig into the commentary section for a variety of helpful tips from other students on how to use the space in your college digs to the fullest.

With the help of MyEdu it’s easy to plan your roadmap to graduation and to work out the best way to combine your semester schedule with the part time work you do.

Work and Travel

Student Traveler is the best and by far the largest student travel magazine in the U.S. It provides latest travel news and complete guides for those willing to combine studies with working abroad.

There are many price comparison websites for family holidays, and STA Travel is standing out as a travel site solely for students. It provides them with the ways to get the best and cheapest travel deals at the places favoured by college students.

Common Ways to Save

Craigslist is a widely known classifieds service where students can find apartments, part-time jobs and much, much more. Take a closer look at them as you may even find an internship that will skyrocket your future career.

StudentUniverse helps find coupon codes and deals to help you save. And the website is quite easy to navigate. It is completely free to use and has a lot of discounts to offer.

Exam Prep

In your last year as an undergrad you may be already looking at getting your Masters degree. To get into a program you generally need to pass some exams, the hardest and most common of which is on the width of your vocabulary.

AccelaStudy has helped over 6 million students with their Exam Vocabulary Builder app. It improves English vocabulary to pass entrance exams. Note the app is iOS-only. A great Android alternative is GRE Vocabulary Builder created by the Magoosh company.

The above resources are there to help you succeed in your final year of studies. Keep up the good work and soon enough you will land the job of your dreams!

Veronica Hunt is a blogger and freelance writer. She is passionate about education and technology, loves travelling and yoga. Follow Veronica on Google+ and Linkedin.

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