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Nicaragua celebrates its Independence Day

13th September 2017 Posted by: Malva Izquierdo Miller

Nicaragua is a Central American country located between Costa Rica and Honduras. Sometimes so I can help people locate my country I tell them it is close to Mexico or Panama so then they say "ahhh right!" and they get it. 

It is a shame that Nicaragua is not that well known in Europe, but to me one thing is for sure, many of my European friends who have gone to Nicaragua agree that once they are there, it's really hard to leave. Some of them have even postpone their flight date to stay for a bit longer.

I’m not sure if it's because of the warm weather (no cold winter for us!), the food or the friendly talkative people, but it makes you feel that everyday something different and memorable happens.

About our independence:

The first stage occurred in 1821 when the Central American Nations formally declared its independence from Spain on September 15th, which is still celebrated as independence day.

Although many people get confused because on September 14th we also celebrate and commemorate the decisive battle at San Jacinto against William Walker and his troops (an American who intended to establish English-speaking colonies under his personal control).

Key facts about Nicaragua:

Population: 6.2 million people

Language: Spanish but Nicaraguans on the Caribbean coast speak indigenous languages and also English.

Currency: Nicaraguan córdoba.

Capital city: Managua.

Seasons: Summer the whole year, although the rainy season normally runs from May to November and it is considered winter for us.

Temperature: 25 °C to almost 40 °C.


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