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How UWE Bristol supports new international students

13th August 2018 Posted by: Student World Online

LEAVING home and moving abroad as an international student is likely to be one of the most exhilarating experiences you’ll ever have.

Living independently is a life-enhancing experience, perhaps one of the most enriching aspects of studying abroad.

UWE Bristol offers international students a very welcoming environment where you can thrive, but there’s always plenty of support when you need it. You can always talk to someone about the changes taking place in your life as you get used to university life abroad.

Here’s our top tips for the transition to university life abroad, and how UWE Bristol supports and welcomes international students to this new and rewarding chapter in their lives...

Getting support

You’ll have entered a whole new world of opportunity when you arrive as an international student at UWE Bristol.

But everyone needs a little extra support at times to help them get used to big changes, even when they’re positive ones.

UWE Bristol’s Wellbeing Service is there to help support you with adjustment to your new university and perhaps a different culture, as well as discussing any issues you might need help with.

There’s even an online support service to help you fit your sessions around your schedule. It’s easy to register for the service. 

Take a look at the support and advice on offer from the Wellbeing Service here.

Looking after your finances

The financial freedom offered by living independently is one of the greatest changes you’ll experience after leaving home.

And while it can be great to take care of your own finances, it’s quite common to also worry about dealing with your own money.

The UWE Bristol Money Advisers service can help you gain control of your financial independence and then keep things running smoothly.

Take things at your own pace

One of the main advantages of moving to live independently is the freedom you’ll have to choose what does and doesn’t suit you as an individual.

Peer pressure is not something that stops the moment you leave school and move to university.

Making time for yourself, where you don’t need to compromise your time for anything or anyone, could be a big part of ensuring you achieve a healthy balance in university life.

It’s about making sure you’re taking some time to invest in yourself and your own wellbeing, and UWE Bristol provide online self-help resources for students across a range of subjects and issues.


This editorial is sponsored by UWE Bristol. For more information, take a look at their profile here


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