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European Festival Packing List

16th August 2017 Posted by: Becca Lawes

PACKING for a festival can be a bit of a nightmare… a normal holiday is hard enough and then add to that the considerations of; camping, carrying your bag for miles, food, drink, clothing and being outside for five days straight and you're in for some serious planning!

Try and pack smart and get a bag that balances weight well and is comfortable. The weekend I went to T in the Park in Scotland was possibly the hottest weekend that Scotland has ever had. I thought I’d packed well but I still ended up with far too many 'just in case items', lots of food that I didn’t eat and a few clothes I didn’t wear. Walking over a mile in the sun from the bus to the campsite would have been a lot less painful had I packed just a little bit smarter!

I’ve been to a few festivals now and am gradually learning from my packing mistakes. Here is an example master list of what to take to a European festival…This is probably best suited to a girl and British weather but why not print it out, scribble on it, tweak it for your own purposes and get packing!

There are extra things you can take and there are lots of things on this list that real purists would leave out! But for me, this is a good balance of comfort but not too excessive packing.

Happy festivalling! 

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