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Essential Reddit threads for international students

13th July 2018 Posted by: Student World Online

WHEN first encountering Reddit it's hard to fathom the scale and never-ending growth of the site dubbed 'The Front Page of the Internet'. 

We broke down the endless list of subreddits to find the ones which international students could find useful... 


This subreddit is put together by redditors who are constantly finding ways to make grown-up life, 'adulting', much easier by giving small tips on how you can make things simpler. 

Apart from that loose rule, anything goes on r/Lifehacks, from the correct way to prepare fruit to the best way to make sure you're drilling holes for shelves in your walls properly. 

Say you're trying to do something at home which turns out to be trickier or far more time-consuming than you first realised it could be - you could Google it and get lots of oblique and limited instructables or you could try searching r/Lifehacks and you'll be able to ask further questions if you are still a little confused. 

Another great aspect of r/Lifehacks is the feeling you get when you notice someone has solved an annoying little problem you always thought was something you alone had noticed. 


Why is it that there are some concepts and ideas that even the brightest of us just can't get our heads around? 

Some things simply catch us in our blindspot of comprehension, and no amount of Wikipedia reading and YouTube explainers make any difference. 

r/explainlikeimfive is the go-to place online when you just need someone to explain things as simply as they possibly can. 

The range of subjects is enormous, from explanations of The Panama Papers scandal to scientific concepts. 


r/DepthHub brings together some of the most idiosyncratic and interesting deep-dive subreddits which other redditors think are uniquely insightful. 

Often, these subreddits will have been buried - often, not many followers have joined the subreddits, and the person writing or explaining their topic has been left to their own devices. 

One great example is the redditor who has been regularly updating on the Iraq Insurgency since 2008, without having many followers to speak of. 

From one perspective, r/DepthHub helps to ensure that the herd mentality so often linked to social media and internet communities doesn't drown out the expert work or enthusiasm of some outstanding redditors. 






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