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A special opportunity: Obama Foundation Scholarships

12th March 2018 Posted by: Student World Online

THINK you could become an international leader? The Obama Foundation Scholars Program features a graduate degree tailored for promising international leaders – the Master of Arts degree in International Development and Policy (MA-IDP) – offered by the world-renowned University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy. 

Applicants will have to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Significant work experience (typically 3-5 years or more) and professional accomplishments with a clear trajectory of increasing impact.
  • Demonstrated record of community service or working for the public good, either through a full-time professional role or significant engagement outside of primary employment.
  • Possess a clear focus on a global challenge or policy issue.
  • A clear commitment to return to and reinvest your new skills in your community after the program concludes.

Applicants must apply by 10 April, 2018 for this special opportunity.

Follow this link for further information. 



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