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8 Universities & Colleges in London for International Students

31st May 2016 Posted by: Amy Murnan

WHEN you think of studying in London, you might think double-decker buses, phone boxes and the Big Ben. Maybe you lust after multi-cultural markets, art and music, and vibrant campuses. Or maybe, for you, a ticket to London is a ticket to your city-slicker career. Either way, there are plenty of reasons to study in London as an international student, making it one of the most enviable destinations in the world. One of the things that don’t make it so enviable, though, is the cost.

But, fortunately for international students, this could be about to change. London’s newly elected Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has big plans to freeze the cost of transport for four years. He’s also stated a commitment to tackle the price of housing in London, which is a big expense for students. Visa regulations and barriers to entrepreneurs are on his to-do list as well. And, to top it all off, the London Underground will be running 24-hour services later in 2016. This means students can travel affordably and safely across the city at any time - without paying for an expensive cab.

If you’re sold on studying in one of the world’s most exciting cities, here are some great universities and colleges in London for international students.

City University

City University is one of most sought-after schools for many reasons; it’s in the UK top 20, its business school graduates earn great salaries, and its former students include some legendary international students (like Mahatma Gandhi, for example). However, City is particularly known for its expertise in journalism, and has been described as the ‘Oxbridge of journalism’. In August 2016, City University will join the University of London system alongside the likes of King’s College London and Goldsmiths.

Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University is a current member of the University of London system part of the Russell Group, a prestigious collection of research universities known for their high quality work. It’s unusual for a London university in that most of its faculties are located on one main campus – and next to London’s Olympic Park. This makes it ideal for international students who don’t know their way around yet. The medical school is the oldest in the UK, founded in 1785, and its dentistry and law schools are beaten only by Oxford and Cambridge in the national rankings.

University of Westminster

The university’s motto, ‘London is our campus’, is certainly true: the University of Westminster has four campuses in various parts of the city. The school is well-known for its teaching in Media and Communication, for which it ranks 4th in the UK, and Art and Design. As early as 1850, Westminster had earned a reputation as ‘a great public benefit and a wonderful place’ – according to Charles Dickens, no less.

South Bank

If you want to study in the heart of the city, then London South Bank University is the one for you. It has the best graduate starting salaries of any modern university in the UK, and almost 2,000 international students from more than 130 countries attending. It’s famous for its modern landmark buildings like the Keyworth Centre, and is particularly suited to students returning to education.

University of West London

The University of West London calls itself ‘the career university’, mainly because its students get employed – 94.8% of them, to be exact. It focuses on courses that prepare students for careers, with practical skills and industry links at the heart of their approach. The University of West London also has 100 International Ambassador Scholarships available each year, giving outstanding international students £5,000 off their tuition.

European School of Economics in London

The ESE is a small, international business school located in the centre of London. They specialise in close-knit classes and plenty of individual guidance for students, with a range of short courses or full-time degrees covering topics like Finance, Marketing, Management and Economics. ESE is career-focused, helping student find their passions, leadership skills and, for some, top internships with some of the Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Greenwich University

Fittingly, Greenwich University has been called the greenest university in the UK, and its campus in Avery Hill, London, definitely lives up to this name. It is set in 86 acres of parkland, and while close to the city centre, it has its own campus atmosphere that is slightly less hustle-and-bustle. Greenwich has strong links with the scientific research community and has excellent facilities for medical, pharmaceutical, natural science and agricultural students.

Harrow College

Harrow College is ideal for international students who want to top-up their skills before they enter university. They’ve been rated ‘Good’ by the UK’s regulatory body for colleges, Ofsted, and provide dedicated support for university applications, careers and employability. Students can catch up on their high school education, English language skills, obtain A-Levels to attend university, or get vocational training at Harrow College. Their Tier 4 immigration status also means they can sponsor international students to study in London.


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