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8 Cool Careers after Studying Engineering

3rd October 2017 Posted by: Kate Istead

NO two engineering courses are alike, nor are the careers that come out of your time studying engineering at university. While the world may think a job in engineering is simple, repetitive or boring, that is definitely not the case. The reality is that engineering is one of the most exciting, innovative and future-proof careers. Here are eight jobs that prove engineers are cool.


Fix helicopters and planes for the Royal Air Force

Every day is different for the front-line Air Engineering Officers in the Royal Air Force (RAF). Whether leading a team that’s fixing a Tornado damaged by a lightning strike, changing tyres on a Typhoon or replacing rotor blades, you’ll never get bored. You’ll also have the opportunity to travel overseas when your engineering skills are needed to support equipment on operations around the world.


Design impressive hot air balloons

Have you seen Stuart yet? As one of the most iconic aircrafts in the sky these days, the minion hot air balloon is just an example of what is possible when an engineer applies his skills to fabric and design. Cameron Balloons, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hot air balloons, has innovated a range of lighter-than-air craft – from passenger and sporting balloons to special shapes and extreme aviation projects.

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Make modifications to luxury yachts

Have you dreamed about spending time on a luxury yacht? In addition to corporate or commercial vessels requiring regular maintenance, many private yacht owners seek big transformations that require engineering skill and innovation. This is your chance to not only live the high life, but design it as well!


Drive a car wrapped in mystery

Before a new automotive prototype is unveiled to the public, it has to log thousands of test miles on roads, simulating real world conditions as closely as possible. In order to keep the new models under wraps during development, engineers in the industry are constantly working to find new ways to camouflage design features.


Spend time on board an aircraft carrier

The RAF isn’t the only branch of the military that needs qualified engineers. The Royal Navy and its subcontractors are always looking for skilled and passionate engineers to design, maintain and operate the country’s fleet of ships. Prove your theoretical knowledge of design principles in a team of highly trained professionals and then put your designs into action on sea trials.


Measure black holes and heal broken bones – at the same time

Innovation is a critical feature of any industry, but for none more so than for engineering. Engineers are constantly finding ways to apply knowledge from one sector to another. Imagine inventing a way to observe an astrophysical event 1.8 billion light years away and then applying the same technology to medicine. Engineers are doing just that.

Tunnel underground across London

While the masses above rush around on their daily commute, there is a team of engineers tunneling underneath London to improve rail links across the city. Crossrail is Europe’s biggest underground construction project – for now. Engineers are instrumental in these sorts of projects all around the world, so who knows what the next exciting opportunity will be.


Invent the next chocolate sensation

Often forgotten, food engineers have helped develop some of the delicious treats we enjoy on a regular basis. Figuring out how to turn a potato into crisps in under 20 minutes, designing the delicate wafer of a Kit Kat bar after an airplane wing or inventing a process to fill 33 cans of Coca-Cola in a single second – engineers did that. From packaging to product, we have engineers to thank for our afternoon sugar rush!


Engineers are a staple in almost every industry and there are plenty of opportunities for exciting, cutting-edge careers for students coming out of university.  See? Not boring at all!


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