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6 Stellar Students: What Would Your Favourite Star Wars Characters Study?

17th May 2017 Posted by: Cristina Radulescu

THE first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi launched a few weeks ago and people are already getting giddy and excited at the thought of a new addition to the franchise. For this reason, December couldn’t come any sooner. But in the meantime, have you ever imagined what your favourite characters would be up to if they weren’t heroes in a galaxy far, far away, but just ordinary university students? What would they be up to?

Luke Skywalker

As a student, we imagine that the central character in the Star Wars saga would have felt pressure from his aunt and uncle to continue the family’s farming business, and therefore, pursue a specialised degree in agriculture. Perhaps he had already secured a place on the Agriculture and Farm Management course at the Royal Agriculture University or had an eye on this MSc Agri-Food Technology at University of Lincoln. However, Luke’s rebellious spirit and his affinity for machines may have determined him to go against popular expectations and opt for a degree in Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College London or Motorsport Engineering at UWTSD.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Luke’s mentor in the ways of the Force, Obi-Wan’s intellect, interest in the esotheric and his profound vision on life suggests that he may have studied Theology and Ethics at Bishop Grosseteste or the Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion at Cambridge University. The character’s past as a military general suggests that as a contemporary student he may want to expand his knowledge in the area of millitary sciences. He would likely follow up his undergraduate degree with a Masters in War Studies at the University of Glasgow or Global Crime, Justice and Security from the University of Edinburgh. All this knowledge will become vital when he teams up with young Luke Skywalker. 

Princess Leia Organa

As a key political figure for her people of Alderaan, especially during the nation’s uprising afainst the Empire, Princess Leia will need to have been prepared in dealing with key policy issues. Wanting to ensure that she is ready to negotiate her planet’s safety at every level, she may have pursued the International Relations undergraduate degree at St. Andrews University or Economics and Politics at Durham University. The skills and expertise gained from such degrees will ultimatelly equip her for the battles to come.

Han Solo

He may not have always made the right choices in the beginning, but his heart was always in the right place. This galactic swashbuckling anti-hero has always shown ambition and entrepreneurship. This is why, as a student we would probably imagine him following a degree in Business Management at the University of Bath or Business Entrepreneurship at University of Northampton. Either way, he can be counted on for having a keen eye for a great deal. Perhaps the MBA (Leadership Practice) at Edinburgh Napier would have prepared him to be a businessman and rebel leader.

Kylo Ren

From the younger generation of Star Wars characters, Kylo Ren would definitely show a proclivity for old-world values. He idolised the reign of his grandfather, Darth Vader and shows an unparalelled interest in bringing those beliefs back into the present day. As questionable as this direction may be, Kylo Ren would make a fine student of Medieval History at Queen Mary University London. In fact, his interest in the Empire’s future could even garner his interest towards a degree in Politics and Philosophy at LSE, in preparation for his likely governing position.


Last, but definitely not least, another member of the younger Star Wars generation is Rey. She is an empathetic and determined character, in the vein of Luke Skywalker, taking the protection of the world into her own hands. Despite her humble beginnings, she is determined to fight to the end for what she believes in. Her strength in character, moral code and entrepreneurial recycling business (as a scavenger) would make her an ideal student for an Environmental Science degree at University of Birmingham, followed by postgraduate study in Environmental Politics at Keele University.

So, who are you most likely to sit next to in your 9 AM lecture?

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