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5 Reasons why I would do an internship in Bristol again

23rd November 2017 Posted by: Student World Online

I work in a German company in Luebeck, which is located in the northern part of Germany. Because of the globalization and the daily contact with a business partner abroad, I wanted to improve my English language and expand my vocabulary. I decided to take the chance to do an internship in Bristol for three weeks- It was definitely the best choice!

The internship had a lot of different facets. On the one hand, I could improve my language, gain new work experience and also get an insight into the everyday life of a company abroad. On the other hand, I got in touch with new cultures, discovered beautiful cities and surroundings and met new people, with whom I could practice my English.


Wide range of different cultures, which reminded me of home

1. Bristol includes different cultures and you can be who you are. Although Bristol is the 8th biggest city in England, I have never felt alone. There are a lot of students and young people who love to go out and enjoy the evenings. Because of their open manner, it was easy to get involved in a conversation or get to know new people. Bristol offers a wide range of different places and some reminded me of home. I have never had homesickness in Bristol.


Everything is close together

2. When you start living a new country it can be stressful. All the names of the roads are different, there are a lot of options available to reach one place, but you don't know which is the best and even the first bus ride can be complicated, because you don't know when you reached the right station. Especially in Bristol I felt really relaxed and confident. I have never had the feeling to be lost. Everything is close together and easy to reach. In case I had to asked for the way, I always got friendly and helpful answers- it even practised my English.


St. Nicholas Market

3. The St. Nicholas Market is a famous food market in Bristol. I could find every type of food from different countries in one place. I have never tried Falafel like this!


My host Family and host company

4. During the three weeks, I was living in a host family in St. George, Bristol- such a great experience! I had to share my room with another German girl and I even found a new friend in her. Every evening we had dinner with the family and enjoyed funny conversations.

The host company was a stroke of luck. They gave me great tasks. We did a Scavenger Hunt through the city and had to take pictures of popular places, interviewed students and wrote some articles. I improved my English while having fun.


Surroundings of Bristol

5. Around Bristol, there are a lot of places to go to. One weekend I went to Bath. It's an old city, where Romans have left their traces. There are a lot of beautiful places to see and you can end the day in a small, quaint Café. I also organized a short trip to London. There are a lot thinks to do during the weekend!




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