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5 Companies with Marketing Internships in the UK

15th March 2016 Posted by: Ruben Asencio

IF YOU have studied marketing, a marketing-related degree, or you believe your skills could be appealing to following that career path, you should know that competition is fierce and that kick starting your career in marketing can take up lots of time and skills to develop. Luckily, we have found for you some companies in the UK that offer internships, and could help you enhance your experience and marketing abilities in many marketing job specifications.

Disney Interactive – Internship in Digital Design

Disney is one of the most important companies worldwide, and it offers a few internship opportunities that might be interesting to you if you have studied marketing. If you are an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in graphic design, product design, visual communication, digital interaction design, or other related field, as well as having a strong interest for what Disney does, this is a great role for you. You should also be interested in game development and be creative enough to create your sketches and original designs. This internship would run for 12 months and is based in Hammersmith. Apply now and do not miss this huge opportunity!

NBC Universal – Content Strategy Intern

If you are interested in the entertainment industry, as well as the opportunity at Disney, you could probably also take a look at this one. NBC Universal is one of the most important entertainment companies and in this case they offer an internship in content strategy, another one of the areas of marketing that is experiencing some development, especially online. If you are good at problem solving, analytical, a multi-tasker, and have the ability to conduct proper research and communicate effectively, as well as having some experience in the media industry (although it is not essential for this internship), this role might be for you. Within your internship you will work in the areas of content strategy (analysis, scheduling and financial modelling), new business initiatives (such as non-traditional ways to customer acquisition), content distribution management (tracking and maintaining information updated, collaboration with other teams), and business support and insights (research and monitor trends, analysis). So, if this is something that would be of interest of you, be sure to keep an eye on their careers page.

Facebook at Work – Monetization Product Marketing - MBA Intern

On the other hand, if you already have some years of strategy or software enterprise experience and you are currently in the first year of your MBA programme, Facebook often has good opportunities. Working in London as a Monetization Product Marketing Manager Intern at Facebook at Work would give you the opportunity to show your talents in identifying key opportunities in the workplace productivity market as well as creating strategies to take advantage of those opportunities. You will need to know to develop qualitative and structured analysis to identify those opportunities and create go-to-market strategies, as well as analysing the competition and driving product adoption. All in all, this type of internship is for someone who has knowledge of marketing and of strategy in general.

Hewlett Packard – Marketing Associate (Internship/Placement)

Maybe you are more interested in the technology giant HP, which offers various interships, including ones in 13 month ones in marketing. Within this programme you will, during the first month, learn about the business and HP’s strategies and jargon, as well as meeting the staff in the company. After that, you will be given your own projects to work on for the next 6 months, to put them into practice during the final period of your internship. You will be assisted by a manager at all times needed to improve your development in the job and receive feedback frequently, as well as meeting lots of people to expand your professional network and participating in internal global competitions and games to know people from all over the world and improve your experiences with people from other cultures. So, if you like this opportunity starting in July 2016, why not apply for it right now?

Yahoo! – Campaign Management and Optimisation Intern

Finally, we present to you with an internship opportunity that is for you if you have an undergraduate degree or an MBA in marketing, business, advertising, or any related field, and if you know enough about digital marketing advertising. You will also be able to identify key trends, write top notch copy that translates marketing objectives set by clients into error-free ads, and to have a good use of analytics to identify key opportunities. If you are interested more in the area of digital marketing and you would like to develop your skills with Yahoo!, one of the most important search engines in the world, you should consider applying for the internships advertised on their jobs page. 

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