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5 Dentistry Scholarships to Make You Smile

8th February 2017 Posted by: Maddie Broxup

KEEN about dentistry but need help with funds? We understand that dentistry scholarships are hard to come by, so we have collated a list of five universities worldwide that can attend to your financial needs, ranging from Canada to London. In the UK, the average dentistry degree takes 5 years to complete, and without a scholarship you may struggle to get by. It is important to not be put off your passion for a degree just because of the financial worry, check out these universities below and see for yourself how you can get help along the way.

1. University of Otago, New Zealand

Ever fancied studying in New Zealand? The University of Otago has plenty to offer when it comes to dentistry. This scholarship is for those who have been accepted into the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) course, and you could be in with a chance of being awarded the value of NZ $2,000 providing you attend an interview as part of the selection progress. Heads up though, applications close on the 1st of April each year, and will need to include a brief CV. The details can be found over on their website.

2. Universite Laval, Canada

If you have already completed an undergraduate degree and are thinking of taking dentistry to the next level, French-language speaking Universite Laval in Canada offers $7,000 per year to each student completing the Masteres degree. This however is subject to achieving a score of 14/20 (or higher) on the diploma required for admission. Additionally, there are other eligibility conditions: you must submit a complete application package, you must be a foreign student who is a citizen of an African or European country other than France, you must have graduated from a public university endorsed by the ministry of higher education in your country of origin, and you must be registered full time for the first two semesters in your chosen programme of study.

3. The University of Kentucky College of Dentistry

This university provides scholarship opportunities to students in years 1-4. They offer a wide range (of scholarships?), including one for those ranking in the top 20% of their class in years 3 and 4, and a 2nd year student dentist scholarship for those in the top 20% of their class with a financial need. For all of the scholarships available, eligible students are sent an invitation to apply. The university also encourages students to seek scholarships from sources outside the university, and a list of these can be found over on their website. However, they give warning that some agencies may claim to guarantee scholarships and then charge the fee afterwards.

4. Queen Mary University, London

QMU offers a dentistry scholarship under the name ‘The John Abernethy (Barts) Scholarship’. All students who enroll in The School of Dentistry are automatically considered for this scholarship based on their household income and the attainment of at least three ‘A’ grades at A-level. This scholarship is awarded to one new undergraduate dental student each year and is worth £5,000 for each of the five years of the course, providing the student makes satisfactory progress each year.

5. Kings College London

For students that have already been offered for the Advanced minimum Intervention Dentistry MSc at Kings College, you will be invited to apply to The Patricia Santos Memorial AMID scholarship. Three partners fund this award (Denplan, PB/OralB and GC Europe), and students will have up to a maximum of £9,000 (the equivalent of a years tuition fees) available to be competed for. The scholarship is awarded to those who have excelled in both the clinical and academic parts of the programme and is additionally judged by student’s end of second year results.

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