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10 Essential Online Tools for International Students

2nd September 2015 Posted by: Student World Online

Students often find it difficult to redesign their lifestyle when they find themselves on alien soil. The system of education and local traditions may be different from their own. This situation is familiar to any international student who wants to study abroad and prove his mettle.

There is a lot of scope for such students: they can evolve by experiencing new cultures and educational methods, acquiring higher knowledge and analytical ability. However, the first thing an international student must do is to acclimatize himself/herself, for which the World Wide Web can provide solutions. Fortunately for students, technology features heavily in education and there are a lot of tools and website that enable international students to study with freedom and ease.



Tools and websites for international student growth

An international student faces two main changes when they move abroad: lifestyle and education. The following tools will help them invariably.

Educational tools:

  • Sounds – For an international student, having the right pronunciation is important. An improper understanding of foreign language might cause misinterpretation. ‘Sounds’ is a great pronunciation application that lets the user to access phonetics, vocabulary and practice tests to improve foreign language skills. A standardised form of English can be learned through this tool within no time.
  • BBC Learning English – The British Broadcasting Council (BBC) focuses on the standard form of English which is highly esteemed across the globe. There are many courses and interesting features offered by this website which makes it fun to learn English. As the BBC is synonymous with quality, an international student can benefit from the simple yet nurturing ways presented in the website.
  • Grammar Up – Any student would prefer a mixture of learning and fun. Participating in quiz competitions encourages a student’s enthusiasm; Grammar Up provides a multiple-choice questionnaires. The questions are unique and educational, and the real-time analysis will allow the student to understand his mistakes easily. The proficiency of students increases rapidly with the use of this tool.
  • Elevate – An international student always must be up to the task of competing at college or university. This requires a lot of cognitive skills and psychological transformation from being a novice to an expert. ‘Elevate’ is a tool designed particularly to develop the abilities of students using the latest discoveries in neuroscience. There are visible results upon the student’s eloquence, pronunciation, memory and precision. The application specifically recommends training modules according to the capabilities of the user.
  • Essaymama – If listening, speaking and reading are hard, then writing is surely the hardest thing to do. Essaymama aims to provide quality service to international students who struggle to get desirable grades. The enthusiastic and professional writers help students understand writing and edit their essays,  providing valuable feedback. In addition, there is a blog section which contains vast information about writing skills and methods to become a successful writer.

General lifestyle tools:

  • Google maps – For starters, Google maps is one tool which needs to be present in every internet interface as it provides comprehensive knowledge about almost every place in the world. A student can find his way in a new place through navigation using this tool. Furthermore, saved maps can be viewed offline, enabling students to save data and roam freely. Multiple viewing modes and travel estimations make it easy for students to move through the streets with ease.
  • Venmo – In some developed countries, not carrying cash is normal and it can be easier for international students to follow suit. Venmo is an app that helps to pay bills and money transfers with just a few inputs. The only thing required is a linked bank account or debit card number. Interestingly, there is an option to add the reason for the transaction, which makes the relationship between the payer and receiver much stronger.
  • Spotify – Music is the best way to lift the mood of a student who is finding his or her way at a foreign institution. Spotify is a free tool that allows users to explore the world of music. It includes famous albums from across the world, allowing students of any country to listen to their favorite music in an instant. There are over 20 million tracks that can be listened through streaming. The Spotify app can be downloaded for free.
  • Eventbrite – This tool is ideal for entertainment buffs who are always in search of cultural activities. Major cities offer various festivals, events, plays, concerts, etc., which can lift the spirits of international students who gain inspiration through such artistic pursuits. The tool will clearly describe the type of activity and venue so that there will be no trouble reaching the area. Furthermore, there is a facility to book tickets in advance.
  • Moneywise - Sticking to your budget is a hard task to master, and in some countries the slightest negligence can cause international students too much money within days of arrival. By maintaining a constant log, Moneywise lets the student analyze his or her expenditure with easy-to-understand graphs. This enables students to understand areas of concern and where they should curb their spending.

By maintaining consistent contact with the tools and websites mentioned above, an international student can prosper both at school and within the community.

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