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How to be More Productive When Working from Home

23rd September 2016 Posted by: Student World Online

MILLIONS of people around the world work from home due to various reasons; staying close to the family, distant travel to the office, organizational policies and so on. Regardless of the reason, the idea of working from home is great because it saves a lot of time that otherwise would be spent on commuting and can potentially help to deliver the same performance. If you have been allowed to work from home to complete your university projects, it might be a little bit strange from the start, not having to go to campus and face all those people and conversations with fellow students. This may create a feeling of isolation because instead of the campus library filled with people you will be working alone in your room.

The feeling of isolation may be very frustrating and decrease your performance, and whilst adjusting to the home office it may also take time to achieve the usual results. To help you stay productive, we have collected a list of five great ways that will be useful for those who work from home.

1. Balance the responsibilities

Now, that you are left at home, you may as well fix that door knob that has been driving you crazy for days. Well, this is a bad idea! If you begin to engage in various things around the house, your working day might be completely ruined because of lack of time to actually work. To avoid this, set up boundaries that will prevent you from multitasking the business and personal tasks. Ask the family for an understanding of this as well.

2. It’s time to get dressed

The home office does not require wearing work clothes because no one is around to judge. The lack of control over the dress code persuades many people to begin working in their favorite PJ’s and change into casual home wear after some time. While this dressing may not affect the performance of some people, it can make a difference for you because it may provide additional stimulation by influencing the mindset. Consider wearing smarter clothes at home and keep the morning routine the same as before leaving for class and see how it works for you.

3. Keep distractions away

The home can be a distracting place because of loud TV, kids running around the house, and those great videos on YouTube you waited to see. Even one distraction can really compromise your working day by limiting the time and staying focused. To avoid this, you need to choose the space that is free of distractions and can provide you with comfortable working conditions. This could be a room without TV or with windows facing the backyard.

4. Work at your most productive hours

Some people like to work late while others prefer to wake up early to have their most productive performance. Consider the time when you are the most energized to get out most from your abilities and stick to such schedule. What is the point of waking up at 9am when you feel perfectly energized and ready to work at 7am, right? This personal schedule can also help you to “get off work” earlier as well.

5. Eat well

Having proper nutrition is critical for working from home. Of course, this does not mean that you should take lunch breaks every hour simply because you can, but proper nutrition will provide energy and keep away hunger. Meals should always be healthy to keep the energy levels high. To make sure that the nutrition is appropriate, take a time to prepare some meals before you start working and have them accessible. Staying away from fast food is also a good idea.

These tips are concerned with three main areas of work; motivation, nutrition, and rest. Whether you work from home or on campus, these factors are essential to productivity. Following them and making them routine will definitely help to keep your performance at appropriate level while taking advantage of being at home. They do not require any special preparations and investments so could be used by anyone. And remember that working from home might require some getting used to, so do not be discouraged at the start because it will pay off in the long term.

Tom Jager is a professional blogger and works at Royal Essays. He has degree in Law and English literature. Tom has written numerous articles/online journals. You can reach him at Google+ or Facebook.

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